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Medication change


I have been Hypo for 6 years and for some reason my Endo has decided to increase my Levo for three days out of seven. Am usually on 175 but now on Sat Sun Mon I am taking 200. Why has he done this? I would like to request another appointment in the New Year to ask him but I have just found out from my GP that he has discharged me?!

Does anyone understand this! Thanks!

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Presumably because your blood test results suggested that you were slightly under-medicated.

Did you know that it is your legal right to have a print-out of your results, under the 1998 Data Protection Act? You should always ask for one, after every blood test. It is in your interests to know exactly what was tested, and exactly what the results were.

If you get a copy of your latest results, and post them here - with the ranges - members will be able to answer your question more precisely. :)

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Thansk GreyGoose! Think I will do that - I know they have always increased my medication as and when needed i.e. after bloods showed that I was lower again but I just didn't understand why it was only increased for 3 days of the week this time.

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Increasing to 200mcg x 3 days is effectively increasing your 175mcg daily dose to 186mcg daily. It's a way of effecting a small tweak when a 25mcg daily dose increase would over medicate you.

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Still trying to get them to test for my Antibodies and Folate & Ferritin despite me asking they wont test for it! But having said that I should hopefully be getting some support in Jan 2017 so perhaps I can convince them to get it done and referred back to the Endo.

But my vitamin B12 and D are as follows:

B12: (160-800) mine is 371

Vit D: (>50nmol/L = Sufficient) mine is 62nmol/L


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