after nearly a year on hennings , the drs are putting me back on nature throid

my question is , im on 150 hennings a day , what grain dose should I do the swap over on ? should I swap straight away or leave it a week or so ? I never wanted to come off it in the first place , they said it was costing to much , but now they have admitted that thyroixine just does not work on me , any help greatly received

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  • About 1 1/2gr would be about equal to 150mcg of Henning. Just do a straight switchover.

    Congratulations on allowing your doctor to see that you didn't improve on Hennings and hope you feel better quite soon.

  • thank you

  • Personally I stopped my levo for 2 weeks before starting NDT simply because levo is T4 alone which can stay in the system for at least 7 weeks. NO-ONE should have their meds taken away because of cost. Sorry have no practical advice. But fight it if you can!!

  • thank you , will keep you all informed on what happens next..........

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