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Gluten free supplements - self helping

Hey guys just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the advice everyone has given me on here!

Although I'm still no further forward with my doctor, following on from advice I have started taking supplements (not religiously but still) and the last week I have gone gluten free.

I have noticed my toilet habits are improving slowly but surely. I have noticed as well that my nails seem stronger and my skin (which always feels like I have nettle rash) feels like it's easing! But no means am I 100% but I can feel improvements already. I'm quite excited to see how far these changes take me. I'm also wondering what else in the way of symptoms they may improve too?!?

Thanks everyone ☺️ Xx

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What symptoms has everyone else found gluten free has eased?


Arghhh I definitely jumped the gun when I wrote this!wish I had the motivation to make some changes, just slipping deeper into crapdom! Why does nothing seem to work? Guess I'll go back to the doctors and hound again 😕


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