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Should I take NAX before my next blood test?

After a disastrous trip to see an NHS Endo I decided to to matters in my own hands and see Dr P who I saw on Monday.

He has suggested that we start with the adrenals and has advised me to take Nutri Adrenal Extra and I am waiting for them to be delivered.

However this morning I receive a copy of my Doctors letter from NHS Endo with a P.S. on the bottom. This makes me feel I haven't received the original letter as the body of the letter contradicts the postscript.

Due to the hospital lab changing their ref ranges my last test results (as ordered by Endo to prove everything is 'Normal') have now shown my FreeT4 below range 11.95 (12 to 22) and I have been asked to have more bloods taken.

Clinical information states ..."suspected secondary hypothyroidism - therefore full anterior pit profile please. Blood test to be done at 9am"

Test information

Cortisol (=9am)


LH and FSH

Thyroid Antibodies


Now I can't get to my GP until 17th August due to the time advised and I cannot get an answer from my local hospitals phlebotomy dept on how to book a time specific blood test (usually just take a ticket and wait).

So now to my question, if I have to wait until 17th to have my bloods drawn should I start to take then Nutri Adrenal Extra when it arrives or will this skew my blood results?

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I spoke to Dr Ps office when this happened to me. I was due to start Nutri adrenal but then had an appt for a cortisol blood test via my endo. They advised me not to start the NA until after I had the blood test. Might be worth giving them a ring.


Thank you debjs I will give Dr P a call and see what they say.


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