Should I take my levothyroxine the night before my blood tests?

I am post RAI, given a script of levothyroxine to take nightly. I am booked into my doctors early Monday morning for blood test (have to phone consultant's sec 48 hours later, he looks at results to decide whether to tweak prescription). Prior to RAI, I was taking carbimazole and always held off taking it until after blood tests.

As I now take my medication at night, do I take it the night before or hold off until after the test in the morning? In which case, I'd have to take in the morning (probably by 9am), and then wouldn't I have a dilemma whether to take it again that evening? Yours, very confused!

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  • Miss the night's dose and take it after your blood test in the morning.

    One of the admins takes it in the morning and again in the evening. Maybe she will confirm this. You could always 1/2 the evening dose and continue the nightly dose next night.

  • thanks for replying. I was concerned about taking it twice in one day and getting out of kilter with my medication.

  • Have a look at this question today that is very similar to yours but please read the answers as there is a bit of a discussion going on about this exact subject.

    Hope it help - but as there are conflicting views it might just confuse you even more!!!!

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie,

    Makes sense I think to take a little earlier in the evening, say by 10pm to give a decent time lapse of 10 hours before my blood test at 8am. I think I'll go with that.

  • Your welcome.

    Just make sure that you eat/drink nothing (except water) two hours before you take your levo wont you or you could compromise your absorption.

    Moggie x

  • Actually I've found this discipline a good thing, since I started on levothyroxine and can't guzzle snacks all evening (biscuit queen), I sleep better!

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