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What do you drink

Hi so i was missing tea and coffee so swapped too roobios but ive since read that contains fluoride so is no good. Ive looked at barley cup which is barley rye and chicory any reason why that would be no good? I just want a warm milky drink. I also read tap water is no good nor is soda due too sweetners so i assume squash is also out lol is anything safe too drink 😸

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As a squash alternative look for cordial like Belvoir or Rocks. Cordial was the precursor to squash until the manufacturers realised they could make a cheaper chemical laden product.

I think Asda does some nice own brand cordial like apple and elderflower or similar which is sweetened only with sugar. It was reasonably priced when I bought it a few years ago.

Or you can make your own ;-) I make blackberry cordial from hedgerow blackberries with water/sugar/berry juice and store it in the fridge.

Vogel Bambu drink is like Barleycup type coffee substitute. I used to drink it and like it. The only issue is whether those are gluten free if one is on a gluten free diet. Otherwise it seems okay. I think the Bamby one in its original form was tested and found to be gluten free despite being made from gluten co training grains - must be the way they manufacture it... Though it's worth double checking if this still stand if being GF is an issue.


P.S. herbal wise I love lime blossom tea (it's very mild - probably most similar to a very light non caffeine version of green or white tea), yogi teas (at Christmas they do a selection box so you can try and find which ones you like best) and pukka teas (three ginger, three tulsi and refresh are my favourites).

Whittards do instant 'tea' drinks some of which I think don't have caffeine. Dreamtime is nice for bedtime. They are sweetened with sugar. Also their fruit tea (loose fruity bits) is lovely brewed with some agave syrup or sugar and chilled to make an iced tea... You just have to make them stronger by adding a couple of extra teaspoons as the tea tastes weaker when cold/iced. They cone in different flavours - I had a strawberry based one.


Try Goats milk.


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