What milk do you use for cereals and drinks

On a facebook forum I just read soya milk is best to not drink as it can interfer with meds etc

Interested if you come acrossed this and do you use dairy or an alternative

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  • I just use skimmed milk mainly. I've heard that about soya milk yes. Also soya beans. I sometimes get the lacto free milk as sometimes feel a bit sick after normal milk.

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  • Cow's milk, I have no problem consuming dairy products.

    All soy products should be avoided when we have hypothyroidism, except fermented soy.

    We shouldn't take our thyroid meds with a milky drink, just water only. Also keep them away from food, take one hour before or two hours after.

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  • We drink almond mostly. Soya is ok but there's too much negative dietary information out there now so we just use unsweetened almond.

  • Soya is most definitely not ok! Especially not if your hypo.

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  • Since I have stopped drinking regular milk 3 years (I had trouble digesting it), I changed a lot by breakfast habits (for the best I guess).

    First I had my cereal with oats or spelt milk (I had read somewhere that soy wasn't good for the thyroid), something that only went on for 4 months or so since I felt I was being nonsensical by mixing cereals with a beverage made from water and cereals. Then, I started mixing oatmeal flakes with fresh fruit to make a sort of fresh granola - when I wanted it gooey I would mix a finely chopped banana with 3 tablespoons of boiling water, cinnamon and the oats. I still do that sometimes.

    Nowadays, I manage to have hardboiled eggs on the fridge, fresh fruit, tomatoes, cooked chickpeas or beans - they're great because of their calcium content and taste good with a bit of olive oil, sea salt and roasted sesame seeds. I usually drink tea, coffee or roasted barley coffee.

    As for vegetable milks my favourite so far was homemade from peeled hemp seeds (100g), 4 ou 6 almonds, water (0,5l), a pinch of sea salt, a pinch of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey.

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  • I use almond milk. Alpro unsweetened

    I was told to avoid soya completely as a thyroid patient.

    I think it's in Barry Durrant Peatfield's book

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  • Hi, Alpro do some lovely coconut milk/almond/coconut and almond mixed/ sugar free almond. The fresh is best. Look out for offers Tesco sell it for £1 a carton now and again. x

  • Hi I use coconut milk as its the only one I like the koko one is only a pound at Tesco at the moment I always stock up when its on offer x

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  • I use full fat normal dairy milk and also use coconut milk a lot. It's delicious with porridge (gluten free oats) and with scrambled egg.

  • Almond milk, yum yum yum!

    Too much soya can affect the thyroid for some people so I've read.

  • Any unfermented soya can affect the thyroid for everybody. And, it can affect the hormone you're taking by mouth, as it impedes the uptake of the hormone by the cells.

  • Keep off all soya unless fermented. Some avoid all dairy for other reasons but I have whole milk with porridge.

  • Soya is toxic to the thyroid so best to avoid.

  • No, it's not toxic to the thyroid. It just impedes the uptake of iodine.

  • Soya is a big no no when your hypo. I hate almonds, so I avoid that. I tried coconut, but didn't like the taste, so I use goats milk -mainly for drinks but for breakfast I have oats & fruit topped with either natural yoghurt of kefir milk (some tesco's sell this, it's a staple diet in Poland). Tastes a little sour ( that's what is is) but the fruit sweetens it enough for me. It contains good enzymes which help the digestive system too.

  • It's easy to make your own kefir, if you can get hold of some grains (can be bought online). Need to drink it every day ever after, though :p

  • Why do you need to drive know it every day ...sorry may be being thick here..but it's so something I would like to try

  • I may be exaggerating a bit... Because milk kefir only takes a day or two to mature, ideally you take out the fermented kefir each day, and feed the bacteria culture, called grains, with fresh milk.

  • thanks ! just read the predictive text nonsense I sent you earlier so thanks for deciphering and explaining!

  • I have small amounts of Goat's milk in my hot drinks or I use a veg cream. For my cereal I use Oat Milk which doesn't change the taste of the cereal. Wow, what a find that was and I care not of its nutritional value as I know it won't upset my medication and that's good enough for me.

  • I use almond milk, my grandson has a nut allergy and uses rice milk.

  • Personally, I don't use any sort of milk (or eat cereal), but the vegan restaurant I go to serves coconut milk with coffee and the other half (who is carnivorous) says it is really nice.

  • I no longer use soya milk (used to have it with granola in the morning), nor do I use milk (I have never liked it) and these days I start the day with fruit topped with yoghurt, followed by a green tea. I found I'm sensitive to avenin in oats so muesli/granola is out, along with anything containing gluten. I've even been known to have salad for breakfast, prepared the night before. :)

    Haven't tried almond milk, might give that a go, but as I don't eat cereals I'd only be using it in other cooking.

  • Apple juice :)

    I have trouble with lactose and avoid soy, so while I use small amounts of 'lactose-free' milk in coffee, I use apple juice on my (fruit-free, gluten-free) muesli - it tastes good, doesn't go soggy so quickly, and no nasty after-effects...

  • Hi sugar though, be careful with developing insulin resistance!

  • Yes, apple juice has about twice as much sugar as milk does, so you need to take that into account. But for those who have issues with dairy and gluten, cereal with apple juice can present an alternative at breakfast time.

  • I don't have any dairy now use rice almond and sometimes lactose free milk,no soya for thyroid patients unless it's fermented :-) I'm also gluten free and feel much better,no more bloating!

  • I use unsweetened coconut almondmilk.

  • Thankyou everyone for replying sorry I didn't thank you all individuals just woken up as exhausted from fatigue and the heat today.

    I sent the links on two thyroid website to my oncologists as he never advised me on food / drinks not to have 3.5 years ago.

  • I don't think is good idea to during Soya milk!

    Soya in USA is genetically modified from 1994. GMO food is not healthy for noumerous reason. Soya has plant estrogen mimicking Womens hormones which in long ran of using it increase risk of breast cancer. I use coconut milk , or almond milk.

  • If i avoided everything that`s supposed to be bad for the thyroid, I`d starve to death!

  • I use organic oatley milk on my organic porridge oats and purchase 1 carton of goats milk a week to have in my coffee.

  • Stay away from soy!! Soy is POISON unless organic and fermented (like miso). EVERYONE should absolutely stay away from soy, and not touch it with a barge pole!! I use unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk. Sometimes I make my own, it's pretty easy with a powerful food processor! Xx

  • I have discovered A2 milk, it's only got the A2 protein in it, not the usual A1&A2, like normal milk. It tastes so much better, and I find it agrees with me and is easier on the digestion. You can only buy it at large supermarkets, so not always easy to find.

  • Thankyou everyone for replying . I been ill with low calcium levels and had to go in hospital for iv dripnas gone dow to 1.8

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