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Throbbing pain in Shoulders

I have been diagnosed as Hypothyroid since last year and I am on an alternating dose of 100/75mg of Levothyroxine. I have been getting a throbbing pain in my Left shoulder and I get pain in my Left wrist and if I try and turn my wrist I get the pain and it feels weak, does anyone get this? Is it Linked to Thyroid or could it be the beggining of Carpal Tunnel?.

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James, carpal tunnel syndrome is a common hypothyroid symptom and usually resolves when optimally medicated. Post your recent thyroid blood results with the lab ref ranges and members will advise.


both frozen shoulders and carpal tunnel are heavily linked to underactive /poorly treated hypothyroid

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And maybe impingement syndrome,cortisol injections to both shoulders on Friday.


Watch cortisone injections they just hide underlying damage being caused

its correct thyroid meds thats needed

often thats NDT rather than levothyroxine


I suspect so,but endo wants to do ever more tests ,took blood yesterday, before trying NDT. Not expecting a permanent solution.

Had injections before for golfers elbow( not that I played) only worked for a short while .


While this could be hypo. it may be a mechanical/emotional problem. Have you thought about an alternative therapy such as fascial release or positional release?


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