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Throbbing in stomach & abdomen

Hi everyone

Does anyone who gets the shaking/trembling symptoms also get a throbbing in the stomach/abdomen area? It usually comes after a really blippy day with not much sleep and anxiety at its highest. I'm due to see a private Endo this Thursday. Should I mention it? I noticed after a Physio appointment last week that there was a pain when she was manipulating my centre back spine where I get back ache when sanding a long time and also a pain when she pressed in the same level in my abdomen. I'm concerned about an aortic aneurism due to my excessive high levels of calcium since my TT and parathyroids not working. They had me on too high a dose. By calcium supplement has been cut diwn & blood test back down to 2.4 after being up to 2.99 and 3.1. Dies anyone know if there s a link between high calcium and aortic aneurism as I understand calcium deposits are often found.

Any advice welcome. My husband says it's anxiety and lack of sleep.


Val x

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Yes I have this particularly after a meal. Seems to go along with all the other shuddering/vibrating I get especially in my chest and lower back. It often feels as though I have an engine running inside me! I used to see Dr Skinner and he told me it is not uncommon in hypothyroidism and usually resolves when treated optimally.

It might be helpful to post any results you have for people to comment as so called 'normal' does not mean optimal.

I do not know if high calcium levels would cause aortic aneurysm though I would doubt it. I too have calcium problems following TT and was undertreated resulting in seizures (they don't seem to get it right either way!). I have found increasing my vitamin D supplements rather than increasing calcium supplements has resulted in more stable levels.

I am sure there will be others more knowledgeable than me and have found the advice given on this site invaluable.

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I hate these symptoms, just awful. Sounds like you have been through same/similar to me. My vitamin D was very low & still only 32 so I am increasing it slowly. Seeing GP tomorrow just to check the symptoms of throbbing. Thanks x


I wonder if you have adrenal problems? Some of those symptoms sound suspicious to me. There's a good questionnaire here

If it sounds like a possibility, order the saliva cortisol test from Genova UK

If you are worried about an aneurism I would suggest getting properly checked to put your mind at rest, or catch it early enough for treatment if you're right.


Seeing private Endo Thursday. I took questionnaire and yes it does seen my adrenals are affected. Bend taking my temperature 3 times a day and it's really low first thing in morning as low as 35.3 but rises to 36.7 later in day. I think Endo is going to check adrenals & cortisol, if not I will get test done myself.

Thanks again x


Perhaps you have low stomach acid and/or a hiatus hernia?


Yes I am on omeprazole for reflux & a hernia has been suggested but at moment can't face an endoscopy after everything I've been through. Thanks, hadn't thought of that.


I know this is an old post so fingers crossed @Flowerpower_nafas reads it.

Did you ever get a root cause for the throbbing in the abdomen?


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