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I'm limited to 4 Hours of Sleep every night!

No matter when I go to bed, When it is time to sleep, I can sleep normally and deeply. However, I will wake up 4 hours later with heart palpitations and then my heart rate will drop to 50's feeling fatigued and not able to go back to sleep until the night when I feel much better and less fatigued!

I'm trying to improve my vitamin D 22.7 ng/mL (normal 20-50) and also diagnosed with hashimoto's (well most likely!). This symptoms started 3 years ago before any medications.

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What is your serum ferritin? Low iron can impact on sleep.

Also, have you tried melatonin? This is a natural hormone made by the body, not an opiate. I find when I wake in the night, one or two melatonin pills will put me back to sleep. I take the lowest dose - I think 1mg, sub-lingual because I probably have absorption problems.

Easily available on the internet, though you can't get it here without prescription. It can be bought over the counter in the USA, Italy, Poland.

Don't go mad with it, take the lowest dose, but it is very safe. Worth a go. Not addictive.

You can take your D level much higher than that.


Not yet, I will ask the doc for it. I do know I have slightly low hemoglobin and low WBC! it could be related. melatonin didn't help! Thanks for your advise.


Sometimes having Adrenal problems can cause this - if your circadian clock is upset. This means you have too high a cortisol level at night - when it should be low to allow you to sleep. What are your FT3 levels ?

VitC in large doses supports the adrenals as does T3. So are you converting your T4/Levo into the Active T3 ??

Just a thought as I am not an expert - just someone who reads lots. Take a look at....

....and click onto Adrenals at the Top of the Homepage.

Also some earlier discussion in the above link :-)


Actually, the time I feel the best is in the night before I go to bed and do sleep easily and deeply. However, only four hours and then the worst time of the day starts around 4 am. My FT3 is in the normal range but I feel hypothyroid symptoms.

I looked at the link about the adrenals,

"Important fact one: Cortisol starts its rise approximately four hours before you wake up, and is working hard during that time. And that is part of what wakes up for the day in the morning, by the way. So if you are an 8 am waker, your adrenals start to kick in around 4 am."

I wake up at the time when adrenals kick in!! What does this mean?


...sorry I do not know - maybe you have excess cortisol. There could be a link. I do know that when I went to sleep I slept well - and then woke up with a start around 4am and could not return to sleep. Since I have been on T3 things have improved greatly.

Maybe take a peep at It is the site of Paul Robinson - he talks well about the Circadian rhythm and there is lots of information there to peruse. Hope it helps.

Thank you....


It may be wise to have an adrenal saliva test via Genova.


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