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Heart races when i try to sleep

Hi, ive noticed that now before i go to sleep my heart races and feels like its gonna fly out of my chest. It can be before a nap or a normal nightime sleep too. I read up that it could be because if stress and im a senior in high school getting ready for college which has completely wore me out. I was also diagnosed with asthma a few weeks ago which was my first real health problem that ive ever had. People have told me inhalers make your heart race and i always take my inhaler before i go to sleep. Any suggestions? Should i be worried?

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Ventolin/Salbutamol inhalers and similar are known to make your heart race so maybe it is your inhaler causing this. Perhaps you could try taking your inhaler a couple of hours before you settle down for the night. Then if you find your heart isn't racing, it is probably the inhaler causing it. I know that when I take inhalers they cause my heart to race and it feels extremely uncomfortable. Hope it helps. Clemmie


Are you taking any thyroid medicines at the moment?


Armin, you could also put an extra pillow on your bed. I was less conscious of racing heart and palpitations when I slept slightly raised.


Salbutamol inhalers can make your heart race when you are new to them, but that generally wears off quite fast as you get habituated to it. I always took my inhaler before sleep (for about 40 years) without that happening - but not saying it absolutely isn't the inhaler.

Sometimes resting makes your heart rate seem more obvious.

When my B12 was too low, my inhaler used to make my hear race but didn't help my breathing (as it wasn't asthma, but low B12 and iron causing the problem).

Sometimes a big meal or lots of carbs within an hour or two of bedtime can cause a racing heart, too.

I'd try to get your GP to get you an ECG and, if necessary, a referral to a cardio just to check that everything is OK.


Ask your dr to check Vit b12,folate,ferritin iron.Vitamin D .Yes sure ventolin puffers can cause palpitations but lack of B12 can cause asthma,fast heart rate,breathlessness,fatigue,sleep apnoea & many other illnesses.Drs will never detect that it's low b12 causing it.My hubby has had AF ,asthma ,sleep apnoea,depression,shingles,fatigue,Dvts all due to Low b12 & Vit d .


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