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So frustrated what should I do next


I posted last week to see if anyone new how long it should take for my celiac and instrict factor blood test to come back

I called endo dept again today and they still show pending

I tried asking how long I needed to wait until assume lost she got quite shirty and said that they were sent away and would take a long time how long she didn't know

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She just doesn't realise how anxious it makes patients feel when they are awaiting results and it seems to take forever. She could have been kinder and say she would phone you when the results after consultant had looked at them.


Thanks shaw

Do you think it's right that they haven't gone missing

Like everyone else here I'm skeptical of any thing the bhs says


Gosh my minds fuddled just realised I put bhs instead of nhs

Not that there's much diffrence


I think we'll leave bhs and it can be interpreted as one wishes. :)

Maybe she was under stress herself and some tests might take longer than others.

Hopefully they'll be given soon. If not they'll have to do a repeat.

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Either that, or she'd just realised the samples had been left in the fridge and hadn't even been sent away yet.

Oh dear, that's the second cynical post I've made in 10minutes.

Is increased cynicism a sign of undermedication? Might need another half grain of Nature Throid... ;-)

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Maybe it is but at least it keeps our blood rushing around :)


Rush, my sister had a bowel endoscopy, coeliac screen and other tests in Jan and it took until late March before the results were sent to her GP.


Oh that's a long time

Hospital said test had been sent to Brighton

So perhaps with the nice wheather everyone's at the beach


Rush, Considering her referral was 'urgent' I thought it was an inordinately long time to wait for the results.


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