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Just found out I was pregnant :) But was in early stages when I had my thyroid op - very anxious

Looking for advice and to see if anyone else has had similar experience. I have found out that I am 11 weeks pregnant which means when I had my left thyroid gland removed I was pregnant. So the x-ray I had plus the CT scan and the general anesthetic has put the baby at risk plus my thyroid levels have been very low as I have only been taking thyroxine for about a month.

I spoke to a gynecologist yesterday who has just scared me senseless and made me feel guilty as I should have known I was pregnant and told someone and instead of giving me the facts and being polite and comforting he has arranged to meet me on Saturday to discuss termination and in so many words told me to research on the internet and we will discuss. grrr

Today I am going to see a different gyne who will hopefully give me the facts but talk to me about everything I know there are risks but someone will be able to tell me exactly what they are and what the percentages are.

Has anyone else had similar or the same experiences that can offer me some words of wisdom and advice, I'm sure I'm supposed to come out of my first gyne appointment with a smile on my face instead I had a very angry boyfriend and I was almost in tears :(

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What a cruel and unsympathetic .person who saw you after two traumatic events in your life - being unaware you were pregnant obviously because of all the ups/downs with your thyroid gland plus the op.

I would avoid him in future as he's not worth tuppence as a Consultant. I hope you have a good consultant later today.

I cannot help you but those who will will respond quite quickly.

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Emma, Congratulations on the pregnancy and hope you do well. I had to have a sub-total thyroidectomy at 14 weeks pregnant with my daughter as my Graves cause me to have kidney problems. I was given a small dose of Levothyroxine (25 mcg) for the rest of the pregnancy and had my daughter at 37 weeks, naturally, after previously having had a caesarean section. She was born at 7lb 7 oz and was normal apart from a dislocated right hip. She was put in a splint for 10 weeks and then was fine. They said her hip just had not fully grown, but grew normally when supported by the splint.

Do not let this Gynaecologist upset you and see if you can speak to a good Endocrinologist as soon as possible. I was more under the Endo than the Obstetrician throughout this pregnancy.

Wish you all the best and please let us know how you get on.


After seeing the second gyne we came out of the appointment relieved and smiling. She actually explained things, mentioned that the op was at a point when it was too early in the pregnancy to do anything at all. No mentions of terminations just conversations about prolife and possibilities.

I now know what vitamins I should be taking and what food I should be eating daily for me and the baby. I have tests to do including thyroid function as my thyroxine levels may need to be increased.

But myself and my partner feel so much happier seeing a different gyne, its amazing how and what someone says to you can make a person feel comfortable or uncomfortable. Thank you for the encouragement

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