I badly grazed my shin on a tree stump about six years ago, a classic bulls eye rash appeared and got bigger and bigger after GP had treated for cellulitis, phlebitis and something else I forget he established it was urticaria and the treatment he gave me eventually cleared it up leaving scars and dents, also a hardish swelling that is bigger r smaller depending on fluid retention., but every summer the same sort of time it started years ago the blistery itchy rash returns and is now on the back of my calf, not really painful but irritating and I wonder if anyone has any idea why it comes back, and is there a Hashimoto's connection?

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  • the blister- what is it like?

  • Lots of small blisters.

  • I thought the classic bull's eye rash was a sign of Lyme Disease, not cellulitis or phlebitis.

  • Well yes and when I discovered that I asked for a blood test but it was negative, how accurate the test is I have no idea.

  • Not very, I'm afraid.

    Didn't the doctor realise it was a sign of Lyme?

  • Seems not, when I mentioned to GP who ordered blood test, she asked if I there was a tick, I didn't see one, but we were camping in the New Forest, looking at info about Lyme it says tick needs to be attached for a longish time, several hours to pass the disease.

    I am an anomaly it seems!

  • No, you're not. It's actually quite rare for people to see the tick - despite what doctors think! And not everybody has the rash, either. But doctors are as blinkered about Lyme as they are about thyroid. It's a subject well Worth looking into. You could probably find a Lyme group somewhere - I think there's one on Facebook - if you're interested.

  • Thank you greygoose will go and have a look :)

  • :)

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