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thyroid cancer or fibromyalgia ?? help

was told 8 years ago. I have fibromyalgia but the last 18 months. Things have exploded .I have been fighting .swearing. at doctors. For months now in agony just to be sent away even from A&E for 18 months .my symptoms now are rash.chest face neck.dry skin face ears. scalp. hands .also wasting arms.very crerep paper skin on hands and arms.very bloated belly .edema in my legs arms back face.gony.white nails clubbing finger tips. and palms .sore watering eyes.dryed up feet.white nails swelling upper arms and legs. specially round knees.face under eyes.missing outer half of eyebrows.i noticed a lump on my thyroid . weeks ago showed the doctor who felt my thyroid and was told he could not feel nothing on my I had a private scan. in Harley st .and was told my thyroid was clean .then I noticed a second lump on my thyroid I went to the doctors and he said he could not feel anything and told me its fibromyalgia I have now stopped going to these doctors I don't no if there's a conspiracy going on as I told them I will sue them. when I get diagnosed.but now I feel so ill hot flashes every night feeling so ill and I now have 3 lumps. that move up and down with my thyroid and have got bigger and bigger I am now at my wits end and feel I am dying fast I have been to MPs councillors help sites citizens advise. but as soon as they find out its doctors. I am fighting. they run away. so ill now HELP

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Maybe you are looking in the wrong directions. You have to find the root cause of Fybromialgia and adress it.


Lesnewpoo222, small thyroid nodules can't always be detected by physical examination but if they exist even tiny nodules a few millimetres in size will show on thyroid ultrasound scans. If you don't have thyroid nodules you won't have thyroid cancer.

If you post your thyroid results with the ranges (figures in brackets after results) members will advise whether you are hypothyroid in addition to having fibromyalgia.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Sorry Clutter, I have to say I'm a little confused by your response to Lesnewpoo222 .

I had an ultrasound in 2011 as my GP thought I might have had the beginnings of a goitre. The ultrasound identified 2 tumours approx 1& 1.5 cm in size, on the left side of my neck in the region of the thyroid but not on it. The scan didn't identify nodules on either right or left, but following diagnostic surgery I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma with metastases into surrounding tissues and lymph nodes.

My left thyroid was not where it should have been and was not removed during the first surgery. I had a second surgery to remove the right thyroid & to locate & remove the left thyroid which was hidden high in my neck: I also had no bridge. The right thyroid results were clear of cancer, but the left, as expected tested positive.

There were no nodules present on either right or left side.


You are spinning around in ever decreasing circles.. We can see you are overwhelmed and we know how you are feeling because a lot of us have been there before.

Stop! Breathe. Your illness will increase your stress levels and stress will make you feel worse.

You are the only one who can stop this escalating by taking control of your thoughts. Be the calm at the eye of the storm. Take a step back and approach the situation as logically as you feel able; think how you would advise a friend who has just told you what you have told us.

The path out of here starts with just a small step, but first please get your feet on the ground so you can take that step in the right direction.

If you have test results and ranges, please share, and I'm sure we can help. Have you been tested for antibodies?


Also list on here your blood test results with ranges for vitamin B12, vitamin D, ferritin, crp, etc.


I agree with everyone else's comments. To me your symptoms sound thyroid or auto immune related but not necessarily cancerous, so if your Dr does not check a full thyroid and hormone panel, then If I were you I would do so privately, if you can.

I suffered for a long time before getting a diagnosis, even had clasic thyroid symptoms with blood values within normal range, therefore I can empathise.

Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

I hope you find some answers soon and begin to feel better.


This sounds similar to some experiences I have when my antibodies (Hashimoto's) is flaring up. I get rashes, my eyesight worsens, I am dizzy and irritable, I can't think clearly or remember things, among other symptoms.

To reduce the inflammation and 'fight-response', I eat very simply (roquette, avocado, green beans, red pepper, lime juice and olive oil salads and home made - very basic - bone broth/chicken soup with veg). No tea but camomile and peppermint, no coffee or alcohol - red wine especially. I remove all gluten and take 200mg of pure selenium capsules daily - this has been the most effective for me in reducing the Hashimoto's inflammation symptoms, with also vitamin D3 and an iron supplement (I personally cannot get my iron high enough - it is something like 19 still, and this after month's of supplementing - and my doctor has suggested now taking the supplement twice daily - there has to be a better alternative than taking "more pills"). Breakfast is tricky, but I eat the same thing daily which seems to agree with me: plain greek yogurt with brazil nuts, blueberries, a mix of seeds and some sliced papaya or pear.

Don't give up. It is possible to temper the Hashimoto's beast, if raised antibodies is indeed what you are experiencing, which I suspect it might be.


Hi LesNewpo222, I have had thyroid cancer and just wanted to pop in to tell you it is not something to be so terribly afraid of. It is a big nuisance having to go through a load of treatments, but in the end you are really no worse off than other people who are hypothyroid, and I'm sure no worse off than you are right now, as it sounds like you are having a terrible time.

Thyroid cancer is also very very slow growing and very benign. So there is no rush to find out about it. Mine was huge, larger than a golf ball by the time I noticed it, and poking out of my neck so no now could deny it. Although I am sure I had had it for years. There were no real consequences to the long wait.

As others have said, it is very unlikely. A tiny percentage of even great big modules are cancerous, and even then the vast majority of those are the most benign kind. But even if it was,don't be scared of the word 'cancer', as it probably wouldn't make you any more ill than you are.

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