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STILL got urticaria!!!!

STILL got urticaria!!!!

I am on holiday abroad and returning on Wednesday and had the rash under control with cetirizine just about for 2 days before flying.

It has got even worse than what it was at home and it was bad enough at home!! I have got fexofenadine from pharmacy here which I thought would sort it out but it hasn't at all.

The rash seems to develop overnight at home or on holiday.

It is incredibly itchy and I look like a scaly monster :(.

Spoken to Dr at home this morning and she has put fexofenadine on repeat and has referred me to allergy clinic, but I'm so worried it will take ages to be seen.

I've attached this morning's photo, sorry for the pj bottoms and bum!

I haven't changed anything at all.

Why does my body seem to hate me?! Also got stung by a jelly fish the other day so don't know if this would have affected it or not.

Please help me!! X

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Is it definitely urticaria as it looks very like pityriasis which I had for several months.


Well that's what the Dr said and it's incredibly itchy :(


Docs didn't know what mine was to start with but as it spread they decided on pityriasis, I was given steroid cream for the worst bits, I found calamine worked the best for the itching which was horrendous.


Oh great so it could be many things then. Probably because of my autoimmune disease?


Just make sure it is not gutte psoriasis,have you had a cold or bug recently ?check with Dr.


I haven't had bug/cold for a while which makes a change. It says get tested for strep infection? So will I need dermatologist rather than allergy clinic?


GP can test for strep.I would go to allergy clinic and Dermi if it does not clear ,but defiantly get tested for infection Asap.

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