Temperature & pulse all over the place

Over the last 10 days my temp has ranged from 96.5 to 98.7 and my pulse from 65 to 105! Decided to take a few days off from taking Armour and see if they and my heart settle down a bit.

Clutter - could you send the link again to the weeks thyroid meds take to get thru your system, please? Maybe I can find out which dose has made me so unsettled.

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Topaz, this link? thyrophoenix.com/adjusting_...

What dose were you taking before pulse and temps started fluctuating and when did you increase and what dose are you taking now?

Thanks Clutter, that is the link and I have now saved it.

I was taking 4 grains Armour when GP said to reduce, so I went down to 3 3/4 and I think the banging heart started about then. After a few days I reduced to 3 1/2 and again to 3. I've not taken any the last 2 days

Topaz, okay, let the 3 grain dose bed in for a few weeks before making any more adjustments. It's a fine line between too much and too little :(

Thanks Clutter, I do feel that I have over-done it and cant wait for my poor heart to get back to normal so I dont notice it beating!

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