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Liothyronine help/Hashimotos

I went to see my Endocrinologist last week and he asked me whether I had purchased the Liothyronine he had given me a prescription for three months ago. I told him that I hadn't because I couldn't afford it so he gave me a prescription for 25mg because he said they were cheaper.

After spending an hour on the phone I finally decided my Sainsburys pharmacy was the cheapest at £148.00 so I ordered them. When I read the box, although it was in French, I discovered that they should not be used if you have a wheat intolerance, which I have.

I am going to phone the pharmacy today, but I don't think they are going to do anything as the prescription didn't say Cytomel (which I believe is the right one for me). They gave me Cynomel.

Can anyone tell me if they have taken these tablets with a wheat intolerance as I think I am going to be stuck with them!

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Saffiepurple, if corn starch is one of the excipients it is gluten-free.


Hi Clutter, unfortunately it is wheat flour


Saffiepurple, If the pharmacy won't accept the T3 back why not try half a tablet for a couple of days to see how you tolerate it.

You can use your prescription to buy T3 from Thybon Henning in this link and from

Post a new question asking for T3 sources in Europe and USA where you can use a private prescripton.


If you are wheat intolerant I wouldn't just try it. I had a terrible time taking Tiromel because of the excipients. More than six days with terrible reflux that kept me awake at night. I also experienced a feeling of nausea the whole time I took it.

By the time you test to see how you tolerate it you may well make yourself quite ill. I did and I regret even trying it just on the grounds buying an option that had better ingredients felt more expensive. In the long run it will make you really ill.

And yes, I worry about getting the right brand for myself because now without T3 I think I would be in a pretty poor state.


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