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Goitre and thyriod symptoms but tests are "fine"

Hello, I'm wondering if anybody could advise me. I have a goitre that at one point stopped me being able to breath, it felt like someone had stuck a cork in my throat and I was only able to breath once I threw up! This happened last year and then I saw a doctor in an out of hours and he looked at my neck and said its a goitre, go and see your Gp in the morning and have tests for thyriod disorder, the tests came back as fine, however I have all of the common symptoms of an under active thyriod, this was last year.

My thyriod gland began to swell again this year and I have been living with the extreme tiredness etc since last year, however it seems to be getting more extreme, I now need a nap at around 1pm and do not move from around 7pm at night, I'm going back to university in October and do not feel I will be able to cope! On top of this I've now started to get eczema around my face and arms and my legs are really dry, I'm constantly hungry, so much i get pain in my stomouch if I don't and I eat like a horse, I know I'm not depressed despite feeling sluggish and having no energy. any advise welcome, and if anybody knows of someone I can get referred to, NHS or private please help xx

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Without seeing the test results they claim are "normal " its hard to help

I would suggest your GP knows zilch and your results are anything but OK especially since the goitre is restricting your breathing and you have under active thyroid symptoms


You really need to get back to the GP, hopefully seeing a different doctor in the practice if you can. You need proper investigations (maybe an ultrasound scan) for the goitre and a new set of blood tests. Write down all your problems before you go, maybe take someone with you (this can give you confidence) and don't let yourself be to bed off! Good luck.


I went back to the doctors today and he told me my results where mid range, I did plan on asking for the actual results but my 4 and 5 year old children started arguing in the doctors room. My doctor has however organised more bloods this time my Immunoglobins. Has anyone had this test and is it just like the standard tests that have varying ranges? I feel really ill at the moment have a nasty cough and I had some dental work done a few weeks back that's given me a slight infection so I will have to wait a week or so anyway! Also if your test results are mid range does that mean it's likely there is nothing wrong with my thyriod? I would just stop with it if it wasn't for the goitre and tiredness. Feel like I may be hassling my gp when there might be nothing wrong and wasting everybody's time, but on the other hand I've felt like this for nearly a year and thought it would pass and may be stress or me recouparating after a year of university but it just seems to get worse both my girls are school age and my partner has a good job so I'm only working 2h 5d a week and do not really have much stress or reason for being so exhausted. 😔


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