Feel sweaty after work out 😁

Hi just done a 10 minute exercise work out and for the first time I had sweat around my forehead is this a good sign that I'm getting better or is it I'm getting worse? Been on 100mcg of levythoxorine for 9 weeks. I also have had 2 days with very little anxiety too but did have a night sweat last night so not sure but hoping I am 😊

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  • SS,

    Gentle exercise would be better whilst your body acclimatises to new hormones levels.

    Low thyroid hormone can make you easily fatigued, suffer weak muscles & possibly weight gain due to a reduced metabolism. 

    Your adrenals will be working hard to stabilise hormone imbalances and sweaty exercise will compromise them further. Yoga//pliates//walking is better until thyroid hormones, iron & nutrients are all optimal. 

    I don't know if sweating is a good sign of being able to exercise enough to achieve a sweat or a bad sign because your body is clearly struggling.

  • I have been excercising for a while only 15 mins per day but just to keep me active as I didn't put weight on with my under active thyroid touch wood. I've only ever mildly perspired before but this time it was definitely sweat not sure will take it easy for now just incase thanks 😊

  • SS, 

    Low thyroid hormone is notorious for encouraging weight gain as the whole bodys mechanisms slows in order to conserve energy.

    The best way to maintain weight is to concentrate on optimising thyroid hormones by not pushing your body too hard  ... and sweating can be a sign of struggling adrenals. 

    Exercise stimulates protein synthesis for longer leaner muscles but this is only activated when thyroid hormones and cortisol levels are adequate ..

    Be kind to yourself.

  • SS I've been on 100mcg T4 for around 6 months, T3 added in Jan 2016. 

    I'm 4 runs away from graduating C25k and I have never felt better.  When I first started out, I did start to sweat after only 5 minutes but as I've progressed I've become much fitter. The sweat after a 28 min run I wear with pride! 

    My meds are balanced,  my vitamins spot on and my IBS (apart from the odd flare) is fine. I've lost 20lbs since Jan and I follow a paleo diet too. 

    You own your body, you do what you feel you can do, and if it's 10 mins per day this week, next week maybe try 15 mins? Go for it SS πŸ˜€

  • Thank you I'm feeling the best I have in ages mood wise especially which is such a relief just want it to continue 😊 thanks for the motivation I will see how I go and I'm so glad things are going so well for you too xx

  • Yes it is good to sweat with exercise but just remember to replace the fluids as dehydration isn't good.

    Jo  xx

  • Thank you I feel loads better in myself so has to be a good sign touch wood thank you as was so relieved to have actually noticed sweat lol xx

  • Any exercise uses up T3.

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