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Opinions please...

I'm waiting on blue horizon to send me a kit as the finger prick test I submitted was no good. I'm hoping it'll be here tomorrow? ( is a full thyroid profile)Anyway I was bitten at work ,GP has given me antibiotics just in case. However school nurse has recommended I take them anyway.

Will it have any baring on the thyroid blood test ( I've also had tetanus boost yesterday)

I'm not sure I really need the antibiotics??

Also a cholesterol reading from Feb came back as 4.5 I thought that was ok.( Dr didn't comment) now I'm not so sure having read a few articles.

Any thoughts ?

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Mrsnju, some antibiotics reduce uptake of Levothyroxine and others increase it. Personally, I wouldn't take antibiotics unless there were signs of infection but I would take them immediately I detected infection.

I wouldn't worry about cholesterol either. 4.5 doesn't seem high to me.

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The cardiovascular department at a local hospital said they like to aim for cholesterol levels below 4 (from recent chats after a family member was taken ill) so 4.5 is a bit high but nothing too concerning I would say.

I also know that bites especially if they come from people are bad as saliva has a lot of bacteria in it and are susceptible to infections so I would follow advice of the doctors and taken the antibiotics.

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