male hormones?

I am curious to find out if anyone here has been prescribed testosterone? I am not sure what to think about T supplementation in women, and it seems to be a highly controversial subject.

My doctor (a Hertoghe doctor) said my T levels were lowish, and prescribed Testim. In the package leaflet, it says that women should not use this product, as it has not been tested on women and is only meant for men. However, my doctor said that a man is supposed to use a whole tube (5 g) a day, whereas I should make one tube last 7-8 days. So I'd be taking considerably less than a man.

If anyone has tried T, I'd really appreciate to hear about your experiences, and the pros and cons.

I have been on progesterone (Utrogestan) and Estrogel for the past three years, along with Medrol and NDT.

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  • Short discussion about it in these 5 min videos.

  • Interesting! I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance, after being unable to lose weight for years (even on "optimal" doses of thyroid hormone, including NDT). I preferred not to take the Metformin prescribed by my doctor, but instead have been using Hyponidd and Diabecon. With great success, I might add. I have not yet measured my blood sugar and insulin levels, but I have lost 15 kilograms effortlessly since going on them (and I have been unable to lose weight for years, even on WW and other calorie restricted diets, as well as low carb high fat diets like Atkins).

  • Hiya, Yes I have now been on it about 6 weeks after having an early hysterectomy and my T was virtually 'nil' on first testing. It has now gone up nicely to around 5, something. Im sleeping better, have more energy and previously I felt my boobs felt humongous, but I think because its balancing everything my breasts feel smaller , which is great !! A tube last me about 10 days, with just a pea size blob rubbing on arms or legs and just keep rotating round. No side effects so far. I would recommend.

  • I used to have an HRT implant that had a small amount of testosterone. I felt great on it, I was told it helps with moods, the only problem I had was hair growth on my top lip, but then ive always had this problem!

  • My private endo keeps trying to give me testosterone, but it gives me 'roid rage. I have DHEA instead, which converts to testosterone if you need it. Mine is right at the top of the range according to blood tests. If you need it, you should try it. Women (should) produce it naturally - it gives you sex drive and general get up and go.

    Too much gives you aggression and paranoia, and makes you behave like Bruce Banner in Hulk mode.

  • Hi Angel, could you please PM me where you get your DHEA from, as I don't imagine I will not be able to have this on NHS even though NHS Endo has said I could take it or try a more natural route.

  • Hi Anna69. I too have been using oestrogel and utrogestan for a few years and as I had read quite a few positive reports regarding women using testosterone, and also looking at some papers written by experts in the field, can see the logic, as although it is a male hormone, women also produce some, albeit a lot less, and it stands to reason that this diminishes along with the menopause. My GP although could prescribe, although it would be 'off-licence' but refused to as it was considered controversial. I know that some menopause clinics will prescribe. My husband is on this medication which is prescribed by the GP and I have occasionally used the dregs from his sachets which would have been discarded anyway, but would more of less be around an eighth, which I know is the recommended dosage for women. It might have been a coincidence, but my skin got quite spotty on the few occasions I have used it, but a fellow user assured me that this phase passes. I have yet to be consistent with usage so can't really give you any useful feedback. How are you finding using it?

  • I felt good, but went off it when I read that women should not take even says so in the package leaflet, but my doctor (who is a hormone specialist trained by T. Hertoghe) prescribed it, so I guess I could safely go back on it. Like you say, you only use about 1/8 of what a man would use. However, my doctor also put me on DHEA (20 mg daily), and I now read that DHEA can convert to testosterone. But if my doctor put me on both, it must mean I need both, right? Both T and DHEA levels were suboptimal, which is why I was put on them in the first place.

  • I would certainly trust a hormone specialist. I have read a lot of studies and reviews by Prof. John Studd who is very well known in his field, and it makes perfect sense to me. I have frequently found that I know more than many GP's about hormone supplements - even down to the dosage required. I guess they can't be knowledgeable about everything so you have struck lucky with yours. All mine seems to want to do is wean me off HRT and so far I have resisted. Heaven know what she would say is she knew I was also using testosterone. I did actually try DHEA for a while but not sure if the dosage was too low as I didn't feel any different. I think the method of HRT you are using is preferable because oestrogel is kinder to the liver than the tablet form and is meant to be safer. I also use Utrogestan vaginally because this is how it is prescribed in France and the US and it is exactly the same formula. I have digestion issues so again this works well for me. I hope you continue to do well on the supplements - wish I had your GP!

  • I know, I'm lucky that way! The Hertoghe doctors won't prescribe estrogen in pill form, only as cream or patches.

    I started on 10 mg of DHEA; then it was raised to 15 mg, and I now take 20 mg daily. It's available as a prescription only drug in my pharmacy, but I prefer to buy it from Biovea instead as it's a lot cheaper than the pharmacy brand. So far, I'm happy with it.

  • Well I could certainly use a bit more energy so perhaps I should give that a go again, and use a bit more than I did. It was recommended to me by a menopause expert a while back.

  • I have felt pretty confused at times, but I think that the Hertoghe doctors are among (if not) the best hormone doctors in Europe, so I have no reason to doubt my doctor's advice. The only "problem" I have had so far is that this doctor prefers Armour to Erfa but, given the number of patients complaining about Erfa since its alledged reformulation a year ago, maybe that is not such a big problem after all...

    Busybird55, which county are you in?

  • I just had my first appointment at the Hertoghe practice last week and walked away with a prescription for ERFA...

    Maybe each of the Drs at the practice has a preference?

  • Hi

    Just reading an article of yours from several months ago where you mentioned seeing a Hertoghe doctor. Can you tell what exactly is his specialist? Thanks

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