Sinus (I think ) help please

I have read a lot of you suffer from sinus infections Etc and I need a bit of advice.

My left cheek feels like its been scoured with a potato peeler and the temple feels like like someone has bashed me with a hammer.

The painkillers I have make no difference and I am looking for suggestions.

Unfortunately I am taking levothyroxine and Dilitziam for blood pressure so something that won't interfere with these.

If I have to give in and try to see a nurse practitioner tomorrow , what antibiotics should I steer clear of ?

Thank you Pp

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  • You can get a 'Neilmed' device for flushing the sinus which is excellent. If this doesn't solve the problem you will need to see a GP and if it persists see a rhinologist. It might just be a form of hayfever???

    If you should get swelling around the eye it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

  • Thanks for your reply jimh111.

    My sinuses don't feel blocked and nothing coming down my nose ( sorry ! )

    It's just incredibly painful .


  • Sinus pains can sometimes be the result of teeth problems (the upper molars) as the membrane between the tooth roots and sinus is just 1 to 2 mm wide. Do you have dental problems or have had inplants in the upper molars? If this is a possiblity perhaps try using a desensitising toothpaste such as Sensodyne. If this makes a difference then see a dentist for x-ray etc.

  • Thanks jimh111

    I have had a lot of sinus problems in the past , ranging from polyps to the full Dyno Rod treatment 😱 .

    The " hot needle " type pain through my cheek and eyebrow feels like an infection and my face is a bit puffy also .

    I am seeing the doc this afternoon , unfortunately it will be antibiotics which I always try to avoid.



  • Poor you..I sympathise. I spent years suffering with sinusitis, with (I think) similar pains to those you describe. As a last resort, I decided to cut out dairy products and since then I have had virtually no sinusitis or face/temple/eustachian tube pain. I also find that red wine can bring on sinus pain so I avoid that too. An added benefit is that my asthma is more under control, I get fewer colds and virtually no bronchitis.

  • Wow stilzski thats a result.

    I don't drink red wine but I would find it hard to give up dairy even though I don't eat a great deal of it but anything is worth a try.

    Thank you for your reply .


  • I substitute cow's milk with goat's milk; same with butter and cheese and I have sheep's cheese too, so it is not that much of a hardship. I would avoid soya milk though. Good luck!

  • .stiltzski

    I love goats cheese but I can't imagine putting the milk in my porridge lol

    I used to buy it for my daughter a long time ago because of allergies and it was extremely earthy to say the least lol


  • I too found after giving up dairy my sinus infections cleared up. I used to get sinusitis every month, thought it was somehow linked to hormones, with it very often not clearing up in the weeks between. After nearly 3 yrs of infections, I was found to have polyps and treated with steroids. The hospital refused to recheck whether they'd gone at the end of the treatment? And was given a CAT scan and told it was chronic sinusitis and there was nothing more to be done. I sent for a York Test and it showed dairy to be one of the problems. I gave this up and saw a great improvement. If I retry dairy now I'm unwell within 24 hrs. I tried goats milk about 6wks ago, due to being worried about calcium, but by the 2nd wk of trying it I had sinus and ear problems again, and have just finished a double dose of antibiotics for the latter, 6 was on, so prob wasn't worth it!

    I may try lactose free later on, as would like to know if that is the problem, so it could be worth you being tested for that before giving it up straight away?

    Hope you soon see some improvements :)

  • Jo5454

    Thank you for your reply .

    There certainly seems to be something in it , giving up dairy .

    I should think it will help with my "gut" problems also.

    Anyway I have just started a course of antibiotics , which I hate to take!

    I will look at diet later.

    Cheers PP 😉

  • I have similar to this. I have extreme pain in my to jaw and temple. An attack can last up to an hour, then eases off to dull ache. Feels like horrendous tooth ache. Had teeth checked out, nothing wrong so went to GP and been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. Now on med to control the pain. Long process as have to build up tolerance to them. Been almost 2months now and only occasional attacks. Hope you get sorted.

  • Hoppy I am so sorry you have a t n diagnosis I don't know too much about it but I have heard it painful and difficult to diagnose.

    I hope the meds work for you , as I said to Jimi I think it is an infection. I am seeing the doctor this afternoon?

    Take care


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