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went to A/E again

after my post yesterday 'feel ill' i decided last night id go to A/E

i had seen dr earlier in the day but was still not right

bloods done all fine slightly raised CRP

ecg fine

chest xray fine

i think everyone is stumped as to whats going on being as im hypo with high pulse (95+ at home 80+ in A/E)

blood pressure stared high but did lower (nurse said prob anxiety)

differant readings on both arms

discharged after 2 1/2 hours

dr did say i knew what i was talking about re thyroid

i explained what i was on made it clear it was prescribed and explained about why im on such a low dose

agreed when i said possible adrenal probs

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This may not help, but I've had ongoing issues with high heart rate and high blood pressure. I was finally diagnosed hypothyroid and hypadrenal two and a half years ago. I first collapsed when I was 20. No diagnosis was ever given except that I had heart problems - at that time my pulse was 180 a minute when I was awake and 120 asleep. I was filled full of beta blockers and told to go away. (My blood pressure was low in those days)

As I'm writing this, my HR is 82.


wow Rosetrees how did you cope at 180?

i know mines been 150 while in A/E a while ago and i seriously thought my time had come, i was sweating dizzy and feeling sick but everything came back fine and i was sent on my way and told to bow through a straw to slow heart rate down, im uncomfortable with a pulse of 80

so with what your diagnosis was mine could well be adrenal related

why dont these drs se this and run the tests on the NHS makes me so mad


This may sound crazy, but I was 20 years old and I had absolutely no idea. I was totally unaware that my heart was racing, I just knew I felt unbelievably ill. I saw my medical records recently and double checked that my memory of what happened was correct. It was. (I'm 59 now)

I recall weird things happening. I couldn't go up in a lift as it made me dizzy. If I squatted down I saw stars when I stood up. Many nights I had to sleep sitting up because of my heart racing (that's long gone and is a distant memory).

My thyroid was tested a few times by St Thomas' Hospital in London. Interestingly (and this was around 1975/76) they didn't test TSH - all the results are FT4 and FT3 and I can see my thyroid function was at the upper limits of the range. That is what I was told at the time and they even tried treating me as overactive - putting me on carbimazole. Unsurprisingly that did nothing because, I now know, my main problem was probably adrenals. They have, of course, never been tested by the NHS in 40 years. Never even mentioned.

I found that out when I ordered the saliva cortisol test. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed by Igenex in the States as having Lyme Disease. Probably been the cause of all my problems.


if im honest ive become more aware of my heart rate since my first A/E visit, maybe im too paranoid now as im forever checking it

my main symptom of racing heart is air hunger it gets much worse and any movement wipes me out, im not usually concerned with blood pressure

i get saliva results next week so hopefully ill have an idea as to whats happening

ive realy upped my vic c, B1 helps with air hunger, was advised B5 too so waiting on that too arive, im sick of salt water

i think once my pulse and breathing are sorted it will make a huge differance , but its going to take a while to get my TSH sorted though


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