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Over replaced?

I have suffered various debilitating symptoms over the last few months.

My surgery loves to do just TSH which has been 0.08 since January, lower than I usually have.

The most recent blood test I requested the full works but have only got as follows.

Free T4 23.9

TSH 0.03

I am on 175m

Would really appreciate some advice.

I have an endo appointment in a few weeks.


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Is it possible to have the ranges (the figures are in brackets) after your results? It makes it easier for members to comment.

Ask your Endo if he'd consider adding some T3 to a reduced T4 (20mcg of T3 for a reduced 50mcg of levo).


Thanks for this information. I am going to read this thoroughly and get the ranges.


Unfortunately the UK guidelines state that only levo be prescribed but some will give us a trial at least of T3. Some scientific trials have been done in the past but the up-to-date one says for 3 parts of levo there should be 1 part of T3 but because we cannot get 60mcg of levo 50mcg is the equivalent, more or less of levo.


Psycho1, Some people have suppressed TSH on 75mcg. >145mcg is considered to be a suppressive dose. Suppressed TSH doesn't mean you are over replaced. FT4 may be slightly over range, say 26 when range stops at 22 as long as FT3 remains within range.


Thank you! I lowered dose to 150 in March and became very ill! 5weeks ago I raised dose to 175, my dose for years...and feeling much better but still with weird eye and head symptoms..I thought I would have been much better?


Hi, when my GP does my blood he always does TSH, free T3 and Free T4. He says that to get all three he writes on the blood request not on thyroxine not on carbimizole. The lab then does the test he requests. Maybe your GP could also write this on the request and you may get more than the TSH. I belive my GP to be enlightened as he tells me over time he has learnt that the TSH isn't the best measure. :-)


Thanks for this! So frustrating! 6 weeks to wait for blood tests is a long time and then when you only get part information even more so...!

GP specifically requested T3 as well, I wonder why they didn't test for this?

I know the GP added that I had hypo symptoms....if indeed I have.


Your TSH can be suppressed whilst on ANY thyroid replacement even levo! It is fairly normal. Were I you I would demand a reverse T3 test as it seems your T 4 is way to high, suggesting you do not convert well. I would definitely try some T3.


Ok thank you! I am going to get on that phone now!


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