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Hi I posted my full bloods a couple of days ago and only clutter responded saying they all looked fine even though I still feel even more rubbish on 5 grains compared to 60mcg of t3 only. The thing is I just did the sttm rt3 to free t3 ratio and it came out as14 well below the advised 20, so my question is is my rt3 problematic or not because I'm confused now. If you want to see the full results they were my last post. Is sttm correct and that ratio does explain why I feel even more rubbish on NDT than t3 only?

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  • Well, it looks like you can't convert the T4 correctly, doesn't it. It's being converted to rT3. This will block the receptors and the good T3 won't be able to enter the cells.

    If you're feeling worse on 5 grains of NDT than you did on 60 mcg T3 only, why not go back to the T3? If you can't convert, then you've taken quite a drop in dose. So, it's no Wonder you're feeling worse.

    NDT doesn't suit everybody. And that's one of the things I hate about STTM, because they insist it's the only way to go. It isn't. I'm perfectly happy on T3 only, myself.

  • I am going back to t3 only, but I felt I had to give NDT a try as having m.e means I am always looking for answers, hoping something will cure me. I wanted to know for sure whether rt3 was the reason I was feeling even worse on NDT. Life is so complicated. Thanks for your advice though.

  • Well, of course you had to try, otherwise you'd never know. But still, it could be the rT3, or it could be that you just can't tolerate T4.

  • yes exactly. Had to try and could be either or a combination of both.

  • Hi MY endo says it does not matter if t4 low so long as T3 is OK, if on NDT that is.Check your FT3 is now high enough as you should not feel like that.


  • My ft3 was high, over range even, i don't think your endo is right if there's lots of rt3 it may be blocking receptors. No one is actually sure are they.

  • Why don't you cut the ndt a bit and add some t3. I wouldn't know the ratios though. Probably just trial and error as we are all different.

  • Thanks, but I've decided to go back to T3 only, because if I am making too much RT3 which the ratio seems to suggest taking the NDT isn't suiting me. The more T3 to T4 there is the more likely you are to make RT3 anyway as the body tries to adjust.

  • Hi sulamaye, Pettals posted this wonderful man's videos who explains the intimate connection between thyroid and adrenal glands. I don't know if you have seen it but here it is again. He actually has about five videos on the thyroid alone. Have you tried to improve your adrenal function?

  • yes I've been on 25mgs of hydrocortisone for 5 months now.

  • I've read that adrenals can heal rather quickly so it's odd you've still needed five grains although there is controversy, the dose of 5 to 10 mgs. hydrocortisone is more recommended.

    Maybe something in that video can answer that.

  • I have m.e my body doesn't work like other people's anymore. This time last year I hoped it was a simple clear RT3 and support adrenals etc, but no, nearly a year later and I still have m.e I am still in bed 50% of the time. m.e isn't just badly treated hypothyroidism sadly (although some people are wrongly diagnosed) it is a variable malfunction of the body on a celluar level. Not helped by RT3 or flopped adrenals, but sadly that isn't all there is to it.

  • sula, have you looked into the methylation problem? Since up to 45% of people have that MTHFR defect which causes all sorts of problems from the build up of toxins. And since you have tried all the normal routes maybe you could look at this.


  • Thanks I'll look into it. 😀

  • Hi When my FT3 was too high the T4 went under range, I reduced the NDT and both OK now.


  • My T4 was 17 so mid range. When I was on 3 grains it was 8.

  • Hi I lowered my NDT when I was like that and much better now.


  • Some people's rT3 rises because they take too much T3. The body senses there's already too much T3, so it turns any available T4 to rT3. It's not that T4 is too high, but that T3 is too high. There are some charts here that explain the concept: tiredthyroid.com/rt3-3.html You would fall into profile I based on your labs.

    Have you tried decreasing your NDT dose? 5 grains is a lot! Also note that high levels of thyroid hormone feel awful too--ask anyone with Graves'. You may have just overshot your dose, both with the T4+T3 combo, and on 5 grains.

  • Thanks. I am aware of both those things, I felt worse as soon as I introduced NDT, so t4 , into the equation and I did build up from half a grain to start with, I didn't just jump in at 5 grains. As soon as I dropped t4 last year to go t3 only I felt an improvement, but I thought it may just be synthetic t4.

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