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Purchasing T3

Hi Everyone,

I would be very grateful for any recommendations by private message for a safe and reliable supplier of T3. I have been using T3 for some years - Cynomel 25mcg - but it is no longer available from the online pharmacy I was using, which is now supplying instead Triyotex 75mcg in capsules - this is too high a dose for me and I cannot split the capsules as I might a tablet. I had my thyroid removed several years ago and like many of you found T3 better than T4.

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Jamarks, I hope you had a few recommendations via private messages.


Hi Clutter,

Yes I did get a couple of replies - yours and one other. Thank you so much for the information. I have sent off for some T3 from the site you recommended.


Hi @Jamarks. Similar situation to your good self. As we all know, Grossman Cynomel is no longer available from the Mexican place. I have been considering looking for alternatives. Not sure about Triyotex though. I would be most grateful if you could PM me with your findings. Cheers.


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