Not just peri-menopausal but in menopause!

I am 46 and at a young age to be going through it according to the doctor - the 6th different doctor I had seen at the practice!

I had FSH blood tests done a few months back and no one has actually pointed out that I am in the menopause until yesterday!

The doctor said that the ovaries decline very slowly but er no, not me - I have had a very steep drop off if that's the case as I have always been very regular, 28 to 30 days cycle lengths and could always feel myself ovulating - this stopped very suddenly last summer when I felt very flat for a couple of weeks, i couldn't tell you what was wrong with me but something was and it felt like I had switched off inside and from then on I have started having very irregular periods. My FSH is at 36. I am still having periods but now having 3/4 month cycles.

I am having a lot of hypothyroid symptoms too and I know there is a lot of menopause symptoms that cross over - but I do feel that is one of the reasons that he has now referred me to an Endo.

I have low body basal temperatures - very rarely reach 36c, most often 35c something and can be 34c something which is a hypo thing but I feel hot and am hot a lot of the time which is a menopause thing - do feel like my body is out of balance for sure!

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Sorry to hear how you are feeling. I am 48 and had FSH tested in December and it was high, indicating menopause. However, just had it retested 6 months later and it is low again !! My gp did say that thyroid problems and early menopause often go together :(

You might find this site really useful.... Serenity progesterone cream helps a lot of us......

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hi, I was totally through my menopause at 39, take hrt, can help prevent osteoarthritis and those horrible hot sweats x

i was 48 when i started my menopause, a great many women start at 40.

it depends on the individual. a friend of mine had her periods stop when she was 40, and lucky old her never ever had one symptom, no flushes , no sweats, no headaches or whatever else we women go through.......good luck..caius...

Thank you for the replies - The endo that I saw is going to run the sex hormone tests again as he didn't want to rely on just 1 FSH test, he is also going to test the LH too!

I was diagnosed with menopause young as well I have hypoglycemic and other problems

I had to change my life to help with all my symptons it wasn't easy I fought tooth and nail but had to change but it has not been easy im sur you will get there

At this moment in time until my next round of blood test results - don't really know what's what! Hopefully there will be a clue!

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