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Air Hunger Back Thyroid or Adrenals?

I experienced air hunger when I was first put on to a low dose of Thyroxine and this stopped when dose was increased. I switched to NDT a few months ago and have been gradually increasing dose and have been on 2 grains for a few weeks.

The last few days my air hunger is back and wonder if I need to increase NDT again (no hyper symptoms and temp has never yet reached 37)

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My temp has never came back to normal, sometimes it doesn't although it has raised from 34 degrees but I feel fine.

Re your 'air hunger'. I would drop down by 1/4 dose for a few days to see if that helps as sometimes it's difficult to know whether you're taking a bit too much or need a small increase and the fact that you didn't have air hunger when first starting NDT.


oh right I didn't realise it could be too much thyroid.

I'm close to 37 now and feel normally warm - I wear the same number of clothes as everyone else!


Sometimes it's hard to decide if it is too much or too little as sometimes the symptoms are also similar. Nothings easy.


Yep, not easy, no wonder the medical profession hand it back to us haha!


:) At least some of us have found a way through the maze and hope you do as well.


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