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air hunger

feels like i cant breath

pulse fast 80+ normal for most but fast for me

feels like im breathing through a pillow

still not able to take full dose NDT (trying thyroid s as suspected ad batch nature throid but im still the same) 1 grain daily and my heart is racing

ive posted saliva test back yesterday

very anxious because of the breathing

dont want to land up in A/E as everything comes back good

if its low iron whats the fastest way to get it sorted so i can breath

ive taken a beta blocker this morning and its done nothing

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If you type "air hunger" into the search box on the top green strip of this page, you will get quite a few hits, indicating air hunger is a symptom of thyroid or adrenal issues.

The medical name is Dyspnea and it can be a serious condition caused by a number of conditions but when I mentioned it to my doctor, he certainly didn't take me seriously.

I had it for about two years and it made me anxious and extremely tired. I think if you concentrate on having adequate thyroid meds, optimal vit levels and a clean diet, it may eventually go away as mine did.

I'm glad you have done the saliva test and hope you feel better soon,



ive had this for 2 years, it all started just after starting thyroxine ive been to the drs, hospital and they all say loose weight and give up smoking

im gaining weight fine i just cant shift it

i quit smoking 9 weeks ago and started on an ecig

but found out smoking masks thyroid and adrenal problems

its been a stressful few days so it could be that

ecg, chest xrays and lung function tests all come back fine

ill do a search and see

thanks x


Mine started after medicating on levothyroxine too.

I think if you have had an undiagnosed thyroid problem for many years, all hormones are so messed up and out of balance it literally takes a year or two for it to settle.

I have been on Levothyroxine for 4 years now and only had air hunger for the first two.

Well done for giving up smoking mandy72 as amongst the hundreds of other ill effects, smoking can also stop thyroid meds from working properly.

Good luck



i know in 2011 my TSH came back at 9, was a blood test to see if there was a reason for my boils (hidradenitis)

wasnt diagnosed until 2013 TSH 10.8

i had no symptoms apart from weight gain but within a week or 2 of starting thyroxine i started getting very unwell and not been right since


Oh poor you.

It seems sometimes in order to get better, we have to get worse first.

I don't know much about NDT but the link below explains how cortisol and iron levels can make raising the dose impossible.




thank you

deffinatly seems either cortisol or iron

ive added iron to my supplements now (ferrous sulphate) and hopefully it wont be too long until i get saliva results back


Remember us "thyroidys" need optimal levels of every nutrient. Anything less and our poor bodies are compromised.



i need to get bloods for all vits ect, my dr did agree to do them all except T3 a month ago when i last seen him them i explained i just couldnt take NDT without pounding racing heart so he did an urgent referall to see an endo and we forgot about booking bloods


Do you have any other symptoms? How long has this been going on for? 

A couple things that you may want to look into - 

1. Lyme disease and all coinfections (Babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia). You have to be tested by Igenex though, regular tests don't always cut it. Your doctor should be able to order an ELISA and a Western Blot. Also ask to be tested for the coinfections above. If you have 2 strains then you are positive forget the CDC needed 3 strains rule. And you need no less than 4 weeks of doxycycline. If you test positive find an LLMD - a Lyme literate Doctor who can help you There are Lyme groups on Facebook where members give people names of doctors by them. 

2. Diet - Try cutting out all dairy, caffeine and gluten for one month and see how you feel. 

3. POTS Syndrome - postural orthotachichardic syndrome where your heart rate increases more than 30 bpm when standing. B


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