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Hello, not sure if this is the right place to post (new to this) but I've been having a confusing time to say the least... I've had a bunch of problems with air hunger and tightness in the throat when breathing for weeks. Had some blood tests and dr said my thyroid levels were borderline low, didn't give me the exact numbers though (I probably should of asked) and put me on Levothyroxine 25mg. But I'm always a worrier and I was just wondering if anyone knew if 'borderline' low levels can cause these symptoms or not? Thanks

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  • What most doctors call 'borderline', the patient would probably call extremely hypo! Doctors believe that you need to have a TSH of 10 to be truly hypo, whereas, in reality, you are hypo as soon as your TSH reaches 3. So, yes, even a TSH of 2 could cause symptoms. Did he test your antibodies? Because they could cause symptoms, too. As could nutritional deficiencies. All these things go hand in hand with low thyroid.

    Always, always ask for a print-out of your results. It is your legal right to have one under the Data Protection Act, but it's rare to find a doctor that will just hand them to you. They either think you wouldn't understand them, or they prefer to maintain the mystic! You need to know exactly what was tested, and exactly what the result was. Ask the receptionist for a copy. :)

  • Sorry for the late response, just went down to the gp to get the results... My TSH is 6.36 it says underneath it antibodies to follow but I'm not sure if they're recorded here or not (not used to having blood tests and understanding them lol) also it did show that I'm deficient in B12, another reply said that might cause some issues too

  • The antibody test would be called TPO antibodies, or something along those lines.

    Yes, air-hunger can most definitely be caused by low B12. And by low iron. And, as I'm discovering, low vit A! In fact, it can be caused by lots of things, really.

  • Sorry for such a late response, could you elaborate more on b12 and the air hunger relation?

  • Ummm... no. It's just that air hunger can be caused by low B12 - along with a lot of other symptoms.

  • Sorry for all the questions >.< but does air hunger (while on medications or whatever) sometimes have good and bad days? I had a few good days then suddenly it just goes back to the way it was

  • No, just worse and worse days until l started iron and vit A.

  • air hunger is assoc with B12 deficiency I believe, maybe ask on their PA forum too.

  • Can I ask what is air hunger.

  • Like brain fog, it sounds puzzling till you experience it. It is a feeling of a lack of oxygen, taking deep breaths fruitlessly, what the B12 deficiency crowd call "the sighs".

  • Thankyou.

  • Welcome to the forum, Novaction99.

    I had considerable air hunger until my thyroid medication and levels were optimal. It may be worth checking your ferritin levels because low iron/ferritin can also cause air hunger.

  • Lack of iron caused the worst of my air hunger.

  • Sorry for the late update, I have no idea if this will be seen or not but I have another small question. Does your air hunger (while on medications or whatever) sometimes have good and bad days? I had a few good days then suddenly it just goes back to the way it was

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