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Hi All, im new to asking for help but here goes. Adrenal glandulars, bovine, porcine, cortex, are they bad news,or helpful? I am 'afraid' all of the time now to try another thing in case i feel worse (late diagnosis of Hashi's, very complex gut issues /malabsorption/ gut pain/nausea) Taking 1/4 grain Armour (no longer housebound RESULT !! ) temp up to 36.5 am ,35 or 35.5 pm, Vit D up, Ferritin crashed 18. All Dr Peats test indicate poor adrenals despite Genova test ok ish on that day.

I can no longer tolerate Floradix or any other iron supplements due to liver pain, and my diet is appalling because its become so difficult to eat and digest without pain/nausea (taking HCL and childrens enzymes) clearly still need to up the Armour dose, but when i tried this i became jittery etc. I have tried Nutri Adrenal and even 1/2 tablet gave me the jitters deep inside top to toe.

Has anyone felt the same ? or any success with porcine glandulars instead of bovine. Most medics fill you with fear when you mention adrenal glandulars, telling you they are dangerous, will damage you permenently.

How do you know if your adrenals are still working a little,to be safe to take them, or whether the long term stress has reached a point of no return regarding adrenals, and therefore taking a supplement might push the issue too far ?

Im in a circle/cycle i cant break, i need to support my adrenals to absorb meds,mins,vits and food. Have looked into Paleo and FODMAPS which i am happy to do,my only concern is i am dairy,gluten ,meat free ,have tried a month grain free. None of these are difficult to do,just difficult to sustain with gut pain.

What a ramble, my apologies,

best wishes to all G.

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Gillybean1, I don't know enough about glandulars to say whether or not they are helpful. If you can't tolerate 1/2 NA have your tried 1/4? Vitamin C and salt are natural adrenal supports if you can tolerate them.


Hi Clutter, thanks for your response and thoughts on adrenal glandulars. I guess im just afraid all the time now, but maybe i should give them another try as im on Armour now and wasnt when i attempted them the last two times. Or as previous messages suggest, try different brands because of the filler.

I knew about Vit C and B5 in particular, but not heard about salt. I use the Himaylayan pink salt, definitely packed with many trace minerals.

My main concern is how does one know if ones adrenals are too weak to even try NA? It was certainly a worse experience the second time i used them,but then there was so much gut stuff going on then and i had been on liquid foods or supplement drinks nearly a year then.

Yep, im gradually talking myself round to giving them another go, i thank you for being there. G

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I can't tolerate most adrenal support either and have similar gut issues to you. Have you tried a basic thing like liquorice root tea bought from a health food shop? I can tolerate a small amount of this once a week.


HI Vienna2010,

I have not tried it, but had heard about it. I was reminded that as a kid (many moons ago..) one of the other pupils at school handed out what looked like twigs to suck during exams, it was in fact liquorice, given by the parent to 'get us through'. We would now say, balance our blood sugars,refine concentration,and energise. It did work, and to the oblivious teachers it looked as though we were chewing our pencils. Aah nostalgia... and thank you for reminding me, i will give it a go.

Good wishes G.


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