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What's causing my goitre?

Hi I posted a few weeks ago about my goitre, I had my blood results back today and everything is normal, I just have to sit tight and wait for my thyroid scan to come through, im just curious if anyone else has experienced a goitre with a normal functioning thyroid and what was/is the cause of it? That if you have been able to find out! Iv read stories about people living with these things for years but the pressure on my windpipe in quite uncomfortable sometimes, when researching for myself, cancer keeps popping up so I guess there may be a possibility it might be this? If anyone else wants to share their experiences with me I would be very grateful :)

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Caz85, Bloods are often normal with a goitre. Goitres have several possible causes, including:

an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)

an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)

pregnancy and the menopause.

a lack of iodine (a trace mineral found in milk and fish) in the diet.

If the scan shows a large single nodule >2cm or a multinodular goitre a fine needle aspiration biopsy is usually done to check for malignancy. Only 5% of nodules are not benign.


Hi Caz85, I had multinodular goitre, size 4.5cm. Blood test came back normal but I have been symptomatic for years.

I had two Fna and scan done before I had total thyroidectomy surgery 8 weeks ago and I'm on Levthyroxine. My biosy result came back to be benign.

My only advise to you is not to stress yourself, wait until you have all the result in. No matter what happen be assure that you will alway get the best support and advise from members here.


Thank you for your reply, it does ease my mind, how long was the whole process for you from blood tests too TT? It just feels like I'm waiting and waiting. I don't really have any symptoms of under active/over active thyroid (apart from fatigue) so I wasn't surprised my results came back normal. My doctor is brilliant trying to find out what's wrong, but the words he said when he told me it WILL get bigger, keeps spinning round in my head. (It has definitely grown since first seeing Dr) I guess if that's true it will have to come out sooner or later. Thank you for your advise it is very much appreciated :)


Sorry for the late response. It took approx. 9 month. The delay was due to me missing appointment and wanting to see if the goitre would shrink. In my case it grew by .5cm

After the second scan and Fna it took less than 6 weeks for the total thyroidectomy + level Vl lymph node dissection surgery. I only spent one night in the hospital before being discharged.

I believe the result of the scan & Fna would determine if you require surgery and how soon.

If you have not seen an endocrinologist could you ask to be refer to see one sooner than later.



I am the same, I have an enlarged goitre but my thyroid function is normal. I had my appointment with my constant last week he did a blood test for my thyroid antibodies and I had an ultrasound as I have quite a few nodules.

I have been told if the swelling/hardness hasn't gone down and my antibodies are normal then it will be surgery.

I have been told to take ibuprofen and pain killers to help with the discomfort and pain, they seem to be helping a little!

Good luck :)


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