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Multinodular goitre

I was diagnosed with a Multinodular goitre in 2000 after noticing a swelling in my neck.

Until 2012 my goitre remained a stable size and although noticeable didn't impact on my health or cosmetically. My thyroid function was normal. I had two full term pregnancies during this period.

Since 2012 my goitre has grown significantly. The increase in size coincided with pregnancies. In the last two years I have had two miscarriages and one full term pregnancy, my little boy is almost a year old. Initially this increase in size was put down to the pregnancies , however, has it is now a year after the birth of my son my endocrinologist doesn't think my goitre is going to return to its pre 2012 size.

My thyroid function is within the normal range (FT4 19 TSH 0.4). However the FT4 reading is higher for me, prior to 2012 my FT4 was stable at 12 /13.

My goitre is becoming unsightly and I am v self conscious about it and it is beginning to cause discomfort in my neck. My endocrinologist has suggested a consider surgery.

I am posting this in the hope that someone can give me some advice or more info on MNGs or has had a similar experience. Surgery feels v evasive and I am wondering if there are any other alternatives.

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Welcome to our forum. I haven't had a goitre I am hypothyroid but members who have had your experience will respond when they read your question.

I wonder if you have had a thyroid antibodies check as well as the usual thyroid hormones i.e. T3 as well as the T4. Sometimes the TSH doesn't always fall into the range and our T3 (the active thyroid hormone may be low).


Thanks for your reply :)

My antibodies tests are normal(and always have been)

I also have my goitre scanned every 3 - 4 years, it is benign.

There is no family history of thyroid disorders, in fact it has always been a bit if a mystery why I have a goitre!


Clairemarks, You could ask for an iodine test (I think it is usually a urine test) to see whether iodine deficiency has caused the goiter but it probably grew as a result of trying to produce more hormone during your pregnancies.

If iodine deficiency is ruled out I think surgery is the only likely option to reduce it because your FT4 level is high in range and your TSH low, so prescribing thyroid hormone which sometimes reduces goiter isn't an option.

There are posts on MNG in this link


Thanks clutter, I had a lengthy discussion about iodine deficiency with my endocrinologist earlier this week, she said that it was unlikely because of my varied diet and if I was iodine deficient then my bloods would show a shift towards hypothyroidism. However, it is def something I will pursue before I agree to having my thyroid removed.

As my thyroid function has changed as my goitre has grown and shifted towards been hyper (for me, I was wondering if I could alter my diet at all to try and get my levels back to what they were?

Thanks for the links :)


Just because your FT4 is at a reasonable level, doesn't mean your FT3 is. You could have a problem with conversion. You really need to get that tested before you come to any conclusions.


Many thanks for your advice Greygoose, much appreciated!


You're welcome. :)


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