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I am very new to this site and this is only my second post. I had a double thyroidectomy nearly 40 years ago and have struggled with my thyroid one way and another ever since with little or no assistance from GP's. 18 years ago I was diagnosed hypo.

As usual my GP tells me I am fine because the blood test tells her so but I still have numerous problems.

One query I have which someone may be able to answer is temperature control. I am a cold person but have regular hot flushes. These can happen 10-20 times a day but mostly in the evening and wake me during the night. Some are just a hut flush, some are heralded by a lot of tingling and others are heralded by nausea. I am 60 years old and many years past the menopause.

Also I cant tolerate the heat, if I am active in the heat I become very weak and nauseous, but my core temperature is very low. If I take my temp in the morning while still in bed it may get as high as 36 if I am lucky, it is mostly 35.5. If I take my temp during the day it is between 33 and 34.

I am on 100mcg levo but have an appointment to see Dr Owen in July with a view hopefully to resolve many issues and look at alternatives to levo. My GP recommended him because she couldn't do more than she was already doing.

Does anyone have experience of these temperature problems?

Many thanks for anyone who can comment.

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Abby2003, Normal is a broad range. If you can post your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) it will help members see whether you are optimally medicated and to advise.


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