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thyroid - I'm at the low end of normal

I've had a bit of weight gain recently, and thought my thyroid must have gone lower. I tried an iron supplement that contained iodine, and it made me feel really peculiar. I later tried a product called Perfectil (in the UK) that is for skin, hair and nails, as my nails are very brittle. This also contained iodine, and it also made me feel peculiar, so I am now on an iron and vitamin B supplement that doesn't contain iodine, and I feel fine now. I tend to be short of iron, and a doctor once told me that anaemia and thyroid problems often go together. I am reading Wheat Belly on the recommendation of some friends, and will see how things go with giving up wheat. I think it is probably best to get iodine from natural sources, such as fish.

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Are you taking hormone now, cagney? It sounds as if you are going about it very methodically and not rushing into anything. But, of course, everyone is an individual and should do the same. Good job.


No, Heloise. Many years ago I did, but the doctor said that once my thyroid had stabilised, I need not take it any more. That was back in the late 80s. I had been hyperthyroid, then the drugs knocked it out, so to speak, and then I had thyroxine, but only for a few months. I have been fine ever since, but have always struggled with my weight, even when hyperthyroid! Am giving up wheat now, as it is apparently bad for both thyroid and osteoporosis.


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