Thyroid/Gluten assosiation

Hey Peeps need some advice please! I am currently being treat for Hyperthyroidism and as I have started a symptoms diary (own idea) I have noticed excess bloating,sweating and generally feeling not very good after eating Carbs? that's lead to me looking into possibility of Gluten intolerance or poss coeliac disease? what are the likely assosiations between these symptoms and my thyroid problems? should I be pushing this agenda with my gp? is there any tests etc? or just continue with diary whilst perhaps cutting out gluten to see if there is a noteable difference?

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  • Yes, there is a relation between gluten and thyroid - the molecules are similar. So when you have a sensitivity to gluten, your immune system will often begin to confuse the gluten protein molecule with thyroid hormone, and eventually even thyroid glandular tissue, leading to autoimmune attack on the thyroid. Get tested for: celiac disease, wheat allergy, and wheat sensitivity. Do not cut out your carbs, but rather just cut out the gluten for a time and see how you do. Gluten is found in other grains besides wheat, so do be mindful of that. Your focus needs to be on healing your gut and being checked for leaky gut, every bit as much as on your thyroid condition, as food sensitivities and autoimmune conditions start there, in the gut. Also, see if your doctor can check out your liver detox pathway functioning, as sluggish pathway 2 (due to nutritional deficiencies) can cause autoimmune symptoms as well.

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  • Hi, I have had an underactive throid now for several years and have found out it belpsif you dont eat too many carbs ie pasta and breads, keep them to a minimum, carbs are processed a completely different way than proteins, and don't eat later than about 5.30 Ihave found out by trial and error. Hope this helps. Bitsy

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  • Make sure you don't cut gluten before being tested. I have cut out gluten and dairy, well to a minimum as I have my weak moments lol! It certainly helps with how you feel!

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  • Gluten - the kind that causes probs - is found in wheat, rye and barley. Are you in the UK or the US? In any case, the first call is the celiac test. You can get these quite cheaply on the internet if your doctor refuses.

    If you had an allergy you would know. Intolerances/sensitivities are different from allergies.

    Once you know whether you are celiac or not, you can work on cutting out gluten for several weeks to see if you have any improvement. It can take a long time to see results and it is not easy. The stuff is hidden in huge numbers of unexpected foods - in cornflakes, in soy sauce, in liquorice candies, in some chips - you have to read every single label. But worth trying.

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