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H i ,been on t3 only 40 mcg for 16 days( slowly raising to 40 mcg) ,been off thyroxine for 10 weeks ,suddenly felt a lot worse nausea lethargy got worse ,faintish feeling.Temp not raised pulse 78 slightly raised.Feel a bit shaky.TSH was 15.5 t3 4.7 4 weeks ago when on 30 mcg t3 only ,could a raise of 10 mcg cause me to go hyper in 4 weeks or do I need more t3.

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Susiebow, I really can't see you going hyper by increasing to 40mcg. You could go back to 30mcg for a few days to see whether symptoms improve and when they're steady increase by 5mcg to 35mcg and let that settle for a week or two before increasing to 40mcg.


thanks Clutter


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