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Blue Baby syndrome

I had blue baby syndrome when I was a young baby , I nearly died .

My mother had cronhs and thyroid problems as also many other health problems .

My granddad had throat cancer and died in his 80s , we lived on small holding with our

own hand dug well which supplied water back as fare as 1970s me other members of our

family developed thyroid and many other problems .

I have spent much time reading and I would love to speak with anyone regards to

any info they may have to help me .

Kind regards


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What's your water supply now? As I guess on what you've said its most likely the cause of your problems Y/N


ok now thanks , but I am on t4 only and I have just reading at this moment an by an article by Garry Pepper md on here about matabolizem from 2009 .

I have been trying to get t3 as I can't loss weight and feel like hell all the time.

I like to compile some info for her so I can finally get them to listen , as when you have learning difficulties mental health problems no one listens the thing is its hard I been trying so long to long .

If I can do this then they can see that my problems may not only have been

to thyroid but my learning difficulties may also be due to the fact I had blue baby .

Why should I keep trying not to live as this has always been the case the hand I was give but will not expect , i am so intelligent but struggle .

I could go on and on but because I have had a hell of a life that's why they I

have these problems .

I hope you see where I am coming from .

I think health problems came from blue baby and may I take it from you

you do , I just hope I can have some conformation as to what I have read I read right .

Thank you Road runner.


Hi Tracy I get you feel like hell etc, and also on T4 only. But before I can really comment it would be needed as to your symptoms plus your blood test results inc the range that the labs use. These things tell a story, have you had any testing and access to the results? Usually you get your level then to the side it should show the range... Does that help?


Thyroid problems are often genetically inherited, so don't rush to blame it on the water supply (although without testing you can't rule it out obviously).


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