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Muscle waste

So sorry new to this ! I have had underactive thyroid amongst many other things including sjogrens which is prevalent at the moment along with a muscle wasting condition for which I have had a muscle biopsy and have been waiting for a diagnosis for two months !

My condition is becoming worse and my go won't help me as she would like me to stay on Levothyroxine I need help now as I feel I am quickly fading away


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Welcome to the forum, DS4310.

If you post your thyroid results with the lab ref ranges members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.


Thanks for your response I will endeavour to get some


Hi Ds4310,

Don't know if it's at all relevant to you, but just to say, I have muscle wasting/no strength due to problems with cortisol, when it was high, as cortisol is catabolic and DHEA is anabolic, but as I don't have any DHEA, it's a double-whammy.

Also, T3 can be catabolic so you may be better off staying on T4 for now?? (I take T3 as I can't convert)

Do you know your cortisol levels?



Thanks so much for your reply I am afraid I have firmly left myself in the hands of the NHS and am so ignorant about all of this I will try to find out my cortisol levels. Could you advise if you feel better ? My muscles are disappearing as is my strength


Unfortunately, you may be offered a blood test for cortisol (if you're lucky), but they aren't terribly helpful. The best test for cortisol is 24 hour saliva test which you'd have to get done privately (eg Genova Diagnostics). Perhaps take a look at a site like and see if any of it 'matches' your symptoms and, if so, give you ideas for moving forward? Also, if you search for cortisol/high cortisol you'll find lots of useful information.

Do you have a lot of weight/fat around your middle?

I'm sure there will be others on here with helpful advice and more knoweldgeable than me.

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