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Funny turn yesterday, does anyone know what it was please?

Was watching tv last night and suddenly it felt like my heart had gone funny! I know it didn't, but it felt like it stopped for a second, I could not catch my breath. When I tried to get up I thought I was going to pass out and my legs were like jelly. Just for a minute or two my pulse was racing, then slowing down then racing again. I then took a pain in my neck and a sore head that lasted till this morning.

I have recently started Armour, tiny dose of 1/4 grain for the past 8 days. Could it be anything to do with that?

I have a similar feeling today, but much less strong, just that my heart was 'wobbling' with no other symptoms.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas please or had a similar thing? Many thanks for any replies, got the fright of my life! x

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With any symptoms that could possibly be heart related, it is wise to get checked out by a doctor.

There is the possibility that your symptoms are related to low iron levels or low/high cortisol. Correcting these issues would then alleviate your symptoms. It could also be nothing to do with your thyroid at all. That said, I still think it is wise to get checked out. It may be nothing but is best to be on the safe side.

Carolyn x

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Thank you Carolyn, I am treating my low iron with spatone and also now suspect my cortisol levels, which I will get tested as soon as I can afford. I have previously had numerous ECG's at the surgery, a 24hr ECG and heart echo through the hospital, as well as a 24hr BP monitor as I have complained of chest pain for a while. All tests were said to be fine. I stupidly never went to the GP today, as I didn't feel great and knew they would just fob me off again. I will try again tomorrow to make sure it is nothing to worry about.

Many thanks for your reply x


Have you had your vitamin D checked? I had a lot of chest pain when my vitamin D was low, particularly when breathing while walking. I suppose it was in my rib area. Just a thought. You might be able to persuade your GP to test it, especially if you don't get much sun exposure.

Carolyn x


Yes thanks Carolyn, it was checked just under a year ago and the GP said he had never seen such a high result. Another GP wanted to check it again recently, however after the blood was drawn the lab refused to check it, saying that they will only test it once a year. The doc said he would check it again after the year was up.

Kind regards x


Hi,I get feeleings of a missed heart beat when i am asleep which wakes me up also sometimes during the day...i seem to think mine is related tothe position i am inorwhen my arms are raised.It was suggested to me that some blood vesels could be trapped or nerves.I have cervical spondylitis which may explain things. Palpitations seem quite common on hereiguess the problem is trying to find the cause.But i do agree with you that its very scary when in happening and your heart wouldthen beat faster.


Thanks yorkshiregirl44, I'll get my symptoms checked and see what they say. It didn't feel like palpitations, but expect the doc will say that this is what happened, wasn't very nice for sure.

Thanks for your reply, I hope things go well for you.


Your saying that most of your heart test have been fine, maybe it would be best to consult when your heart is actually going haywire. There are lots of causes, like mentioned above, having said that if you are having a flair then your heart will either feel like it's missing a beat, or beating rapidly and then normal. The problem with heart irregularities especially with hashimotos or graves is that the irregularities need to be monitored when they are present as reporting the symptons after they have appeared is unlikely to show up on a ecg. X

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Thanks merissa, I only got the tests after constantly complaining of chest pain and have been bothered with a both a slow and a rapid heartbeat for over a year. The annoying thing is that my pulse has been more regular the last few days, then I felt real wonky. I have on occasion felt what feels like a missed beat but don't think palpitations are an issue. I collapsed about two years ago and that was just laughed off by the GP at the time, so I changed surgeries, now I just get fobbed off instead :)

Hopefully the cause will come to light, I suspect thyroid related but not sure.

Thanks for your reply x


When I was spiralling between hyper & hypo I experienced a shock of massive palpitations/racing thumping heart and electrical shocks throughout my body, dripped a puddle of perspiration and had 10 mins of black dizziness when it all stopped.

Nothing of it showed on lead and ambulatory ECGs.

GP said if EVER it happened again to call an ambulance as it was the only way to test immediately. She also said paramedics love those sort of call outs :|

It was about the most frightening thing I ever experienced. I hope you don't experience it again.


Thanks Clutter, I did consider calling an ambulance as I got such a fright but opted for going to bed as my experience with the caring profession has not been good. There may come a time where I won't have a choice! and would have advised someone else to if it had been them :)

To date, that is the most frightening thing I have ever experienced too. I know something, somewhere is not right. I'll post what the GP says.

Thanks for your post, I hope you don't get that again either x


Clutter were you also nauseated? The handful of times I had anxiety attacks the main symptoms were instant, profuse sweating, nausea and such intense palpitations that I could see my hands moving with the strength of each heartbeat. Oddly, I had no feelings of anxiety as such, except for an eagerness to leave the room which I attribute to the natural reluctance to vomit in a public place. :-)

The symptoms can be very distressing and uncomfortable but the affliction itself is not physically damaging and as far as I'm aware there are no tests which will reflect that it has taken place.

I'm not trying to minimise concerns or suggest that it would be appropriate to be fobbed off without further investigation ('Oh that sounds like a harmless panic attack. Go home and relax') - far from it. It can be added to the list of possible explanations should catsndogs be given an otherwise clean bill of health.

I would like there to be more research in the area of anxiety attacks because they can be life-altering, are poorly understood and as of now I believe the only 'treatments' are CBT and addictive anti-anxiety meds. It seems inevitable that there would be a common link between panic attack and adrenals.

Good luck catsndogs! I hope that you get to the bottom of it and/or this was just a one-off.



I don't recall feeling nauseous, just drained and weak afterwards. Had to go up the stairs step-by-step on my bum to get to bed.

I don't think it was a panic attack.



I too have had weird heart rates

Spent two days in ER being monitored. I watched my heart rate & blood pressure sky rocket for no reason. ( I wasn't doing anything but lying in a bed )

End result was nothing wrong with my heart

A few weeks ago I had a missed beat every 4 beats for awhile & then 12 beats & then all over the place

I often get pain that radiates up the right side of my neck & a funny pressure type feeling in the centre of my chest & an odd head achey sensation

But as it never seems to do it when I'm near a dr :-) so have given up telling them

All my blood levels are ok so have no idea what's happening


Hi , To add to my further comments. If a "heart attack", That is considered an MI, which would cause pain, not these symptoms. Generally down arm and in jaw, not always, heart feels like a brick. Pain is severe. Warning then to call 999, always say it is heart as then arrive blue code. If a cardiac arrest, this is sudden, often death, with no warning, The more deadly linked to Potassium and VT`s, a major cause of sudden death. You have no warning of this.

Best wishes,



Here are some thoughts, I hope it helps you.

Sometimes it can be pressure from your diaphragm and tummy fat bunching up pushing on the apex of the heart causing it to do funny stuff. The reason I say that, I knew of a patient who kept having arrhythmias every time they bent over, what was happening here was their diaphragm and tummy fat bunched up as they bent over causing irritation to the apex of the heart. Now having said this, this person was past their normal weight and gained weight around their middle mainly.

The second thought is maybe it might be worthy to have a 24hr holter (ambulatory) ECG monitor with a button you can press when you feel this sensation then it will record your heart rate and beats on a SD card and would be downloaded onto a computer and analysed by a professional who can immediately go to the section where you pressed the button to view if anything happened during that time with your heart rate.

The third thought is I wonder if starting Armour can cause funny symptoms as your body is getting used to having it, I don't know? I am on NDT and I did have some funny episodes for about a week.

Hoep this helps. good luck!!

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I don't know whether this is any reassurance to you but my colleague had a heart attack this year and his symptoms were nothing like yours. He had chest pain (thought he had pulled a muscle but it got worse) and found that he was becoming very breathless when doing any kind of exercise (even walking). His daily walk of 200 yards from home to the office became a shuffle during which he struggled to breathe. Then the next evening he had a heart attack. This lot happened over a period of about 4 days. Ironically his doctor's receptionist would not offer him an urgent appointment so he ended up in an ambulance, then had a triple bypass op. I know not all heart attacks happen exactly like that but your problem sounds like something completely different.


Many thanks for all the replies, it has certainly put my mind at ease somewhat. I went to see the GP today and in fairness he was helpful and interested, and didn't just fob me off as I expected. He checked my pulse, BP, oxygen saturation, sounded my heart/lungs and found my pulse to be high at 117, BP 145/125. He rightly said that without being there when I felt ill on Sunday evening he couldn't say for sure what it was, but didn't think it was palpitations. He explained that I should call an ambulance if I get it again, or let him know and he will refer me to a Cardiologist. If I get sweats, chest pain, feel sick etc to call 999 straight away.

Maybe it has been to do with the switch in medication from Levo to Armour, as I'm only into day 9 on Armour and feel pretty under medicated as I started on 1/4 grain - due to having a history of chest pain!

A thousand thanks for all the replies, most helpful information and what a god send to have friends to turn to. Bless you all x


Your GP sounds a good 'un, reassuring without being dismissive.

Have you told him you're on Armour? If so, what was his reaction?


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