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b12 re-test results

I just got my results for B12. On January it was 342 range 138 - 652 pmol/l. Now my level was 599.

Nurse said it is super good and I am in range perfectly. I explained that I have agreed about this with my doctor and he thinks I should have close to 1000 to see whether it would make a difference, as he says not all people feel good levels under 900.

I have been on b12 1000-1200 mcg/ day for 4 months now. So I guess this means I am good to go and continue taking B12? I could even think about upping my dose since it has not risen higher after 4 months.

I have occasionally been few days without B12 and after 4 days or so I start to feel symptomatic again, fatigue and tingling comes back. So I do need it.

Unfortunately I never know how low I started since before my first test on January I had been on supplements already, I did not know I would get tested.

Next I hope I can convince doctor to test my thyroid antibodies and get the ultrasound scan.

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Are you using sublingual methylcobalamin? B12 is really hard to absorb in any other form.


Methylocobalamin Solgar/ better you spray. I feel the spray works better for brain frog.

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Justina, you need to double your dose to get your B12 >900.


Thanks :) I had so many start up symptoms that could not try higher dosage. Will try now to see if it makes a difference.


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