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Dnt and t3 uk can we have it? ?

Hi all, I've requested dnt from my nhs endo who isn't willing to prescribe l prescribe it based on uk thyroid association regulations. I'm wondering if anyone in the uk has been given this?also has the NHS made t3 available unlike dnt?I'd really appreciate the help as of there are grey areas and it has already established presedence in the uk it will help greatly. If you have had any success of obtaining either dnt or t3 on the NHS in the uk please inbox me with details! Thanks x

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Hi Gillyhh. I think it is very rare to get NDT on the NHS because of the ( unwarranted ) bad reputation it has and they can get all kinds of flack from practice management etc . T3 is on their drug list but I have heard from others and it is my own experience that GPs do not want to prescribe it 1) because they are ill informed about its efficacy/ safety and 2) it is expensive £102 per month as opposed to less than £3 for levo! i think it is more likely to be prescribed at consultant endo level though even then there can be resistance.

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Gilly, NDT isn't licensed for use in the UK so GPs and endos aren't obliged to prescribe it although some, very few, do. Liothyrone (T3) is licensed and can be prescribed by GPs but many have been instructed by their CCG not to prescribe it unless recommended by a NHS endo.

My endo prescribed T3 in addition to Levothyroxine and my GP issues repeat prescriptions.

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