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Saliva Test Results

I've just received my test results and they are:

Sample 1 - 8.00 (5.56 - 22.20) within range

Sample 2 - 3.80 (2.45 - 8.12) within range

Sample 3 - 1.20 (1.54 - 5.56) Low

Sample 4 - 2.50 (1.17 - 3.18) within range

DHEA Mean Sample 2 - 0.24 (0.25 - 2.22)

Sample 3 - 0.24 (0.25 - 2.22)


"DHEA is below the reference range....... Low DHEA levels are indicative of lowered capacity to endure physiological or psychological stress/trauma/injury and may present with abnormal immune response, with increased incidence of autoimmune disease".

Does this mean I will have to supplement with DHEA? Can someone advise me as I'm not happy with taking DHEA as one of it's side effects is hair loss.

I've read about pregnenolone as the precurser to DHEA and cortisol and can be taken instead of DHEA. Pregnenolone does not have side effects. If there is anyone there who can advise me I would appreciate any input.

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Sorry you didn't get any replies, Mischa. I hope the replies to your reposted question were helpful.


Clutters, the more I read the comments here the more I'm amazed at the courage and strength of people here. It's very rewarding and empowering. What I have learned is that I have options. What has become very apparent is that we have a woefully inadequate NHS when it comes to thyroid issues.

I've been reading this site for approx a year now and I have learned more about my condition here than from any GP or Endo. I have also learned how to treat my condition and from people with thyroid issues in a more professional, humane and compassionate way.

Having this condition has been a real eye-opener for me. What would people like me would be doing without this site - its frightening to think about.

Incidentally, my mother has just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is about to have her first Endo appointment. She is 94. She won't be alone when she has her appointment.

Thanks for your support.


Thanks, Mischa. I hope your mother's appointment goes well.


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