Why is TSH so low?

My mother is 89 and had a goitre removed probably about 30 years ago as it was pressing on her windpipe. After that op she was put on Thyroxine for many years and about 6 years ago she was told to stop taking it as it wasn't needed any more. Her annual blood test has just been done and I was told today her TSH is 0.01. We are due to see the nurse next week to discuss.

Does anyone know what might be happening here, please?

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Bobsmydog, Your mother's FT4 and FT3 should be tested. Suppressed TSH without Levothyroxine indicates hyperthyroidism.

OK thanks, I'll find out if FT4 was tested when we go to see nurse. She has no symptoms of hyperthyroidism apart from losing weight, she's all skin and bones now.

Bobsmydog, weight loss is a symptom. Has her appetite increased?

No she's lost interest in food really apart from cake and ice cream haha!

Weight loss is a sign, I was skin and bones for a while. What is her muscle strength like? I wasn't able to stand up if I got onto the floor or onto the ground. I take photographs and during the fungi season I had to grab on to a tree or my other half. I just thought My back pack was too heavy. It was my thigh muscles wasting away because of my overactive thyroid. My upper arms were the same. Hopefully they will test her FT4 or maybe even FT3 if you're really lucky but that's probably unlikely.

Know where she's coming from with the cake and ice cream diet.

OK, I'll find out what her FT4 is (I'm assuming that was done too). Receptionist just said only one result was flagged up as being of concern - the TSH.

She is very weak and tired but then again she is very elderly and has back pain too, poor thing :-(

(Oh and toffees she likes too!)

Your poor mum, hope she feels better soon. If she like to have a soak in a bath, a cupful of magnesium flakes is really great for aches and pains 😊

Right, thanks, she does have a soak in bath every day as she thinks it helps. I'll get her some magnesium flakes!

Good cupful of them in the bath and she'll be racing you round the block. I get mine from Holland and Barrett, there are two types, I have to hunt for the ones I want every time and I think the lady said this time that the ones I want are kept beside the magnesium sprays. I also throw a few drops of lavender oil in to the bath.

just ordered some on Amazon and I've got some lavendar here to add to it for her :-)

Hope it helps and she enjoys it.

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