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Big bloated Belly fat

I am not massively over weight BMI of 26 and when I started levo I dropped 17lb although I was also doing Any Myers protocol however I look 5 months pregnant most of the excess weight I carry is on my belly and I'm often bloated, I think my adrenals are shot still waiting for go blood test. I walk every day I'm wondering if this weight on the belly is common with hashimotos? It's not where i put on weight before my thyroid problems? I'm also post menopause at 45 :-(

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I too have this problem & know exactly what you mean.

Some of my other hypo symptoms have improved. But my big stomach is still with me!

I'm going to have to look into this further, as I have had this for many years.

When I relax my stomach, I look like I'm about to give birth!

I suck my tummy in, my belt goes up a notch just to hold it in abit more & I always look for tops that hang just below my stomach to hide it.

My side profile in the mirror is horrendous. It does make me very self conscious.

I'd love to wear skirts but again my stomach would just flop about.

I'll be really interested in the replies you get.


I was 35 when my neck became huge. Within three days I went tumbling into menopause and when you have children it's not easy. Fast forward just yesterday I looked like 9 months pregnant. Bloating and feet pains looking like a camels hump. I have 2 sets of clothing. One normal and one when bloated. I have to dash. Wish you all the luck 🍀



I have been getting a bloated stomach on and off for quite a few years but 3 months ago my thyroid dose was increased by 25 mcg to 175 daily and I have been following a strict gluten free diet ( following advice from this forum) I have not had any bloating, nor my usual gurgling stomach for this time. I am keen to continue with ththis gluten free diet because I think this is the reason more than the increase in meds. It’s not just me that has noticed, family and friends have commented on my slimmer waistline although I have not reduced my weight.


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I've been gluten free for a year :-(


Not that causing your problems then - I hope you get to the bottom of it.

Best wishes

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