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A new post by Dr. Kelly Brogan MD regarding antibodies and conception. PR

"Wondering about epidemic levels of infertility today? It may have something to do with how the environment is stimulating our immune systems. While most conventional doctors are trained to dismiss the relevance of antibodies to thyroid dysfunction, and to only look outside of the lab reference ranges for indicators of suboptimal hormone output, more evidence is piling up that antibodies matter."

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  • I would doubt that there is any question that what we are doing to the environment is coming back to damage us, and that would show up best in the auto immune system.

    Also, have a look at this

    Infertility may well prove to be preferable.

  • Very interesting! I went through several years of fertility investigations and surgeries to finally be given a diagnosis of "unexplained infertility" and advised to try IVF. The first test the IVF clinic did, was a full spectrum TSH, TPOab, T4, T3 etc and discovered I had high antibodies (>1000) and high TSH (>10) and said I needed to get things stabilised before starting IVF.. After 6 months with my GP prescribing levothyroxine, I now have TSH within range but they won't test for antibodies. I've booked a private test so fingers crossed they will be lower and I can finally start IVF. I'm frustrated that I wasted years going through fertility investigation and unnecessary surgical procedures - why didn't they test TSH and TPOab when it is a well known cause of infertility?

    Thanks again for the post

  • Hi I am 68 I had PCOS age 12 and wasn't ovulating, I was treated with Clomid which worked, given loads of progestogen had 4 boys, one died at 11 weeks SIDS, the remaining are all grown up all Hypermobile like me 2) Beighton 4 plus Psoriasis 3) Beighton 9 like I was and 4) Beighton 4 with IBS I have a positive ANA

  • i had clomid too and I am hypermobile and very unwell ihad two boys what Is beighton.xx

  • Beighton is the scale that you score your Hypermobile joints on. Some can be very others less so. I suggest you look up The Beighton scale and the Brighton criteria to find out what problems you may have

  • oh thanks the yneve rtold me this at the hospital;!

  • You are most welcome.

  • I am glad that you found this and posted it. This also answers why people on optimal thyroid medication can have symptoms. I feel ill and have swelling, episodes of trembling, breathlessness, body pain, rapid weight gain. I have taken every thyroid med and combination and now am on t3 only. I just plain don't feel normal and cannot raise due to going hyperthyroid..based on symptoms and labs on organs showing too much thyroid hormone., like Liver, Glucose and Creatnine. Having Hashi's is more than just it's effect on the thyroid gland.

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