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Anyone understand calcium balancing?

I read recently (though can't remember where) that hashis/graves can cause calcium to be unbalanced ( not necessarily low levels, but out of balance with another mineral)

I can't locate the article I read (thought I'd bookmarked to read again) but am a little concerned as recently I'm experiencing a sort of tightness in my joints - particularly my feet & toes, but also my hands and wonder if the 2 are connected?

I was previously taking T4 and nutrition thyroid but for last 6 months have moved to T3 and reduced T4 - feeling much better apart from this joint thing

Any suggestions?

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If calcium levels are abnormal there is probably a parathyroid connection, never supplement without testing first, high or low calcium should be investigated further.


thanks for the advice; I'll take a loser look at parathyroid info


Hi hypohen, low calcium should be investigated further? May I ask how? My doctor said mine is low and just told me to increase my calcium intake.


Go to to see tests to determine if it is a parathyroid problem or not, presumably you have had a parathyroid blood test.


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