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Re Anyone hypothyroid with balance problems?

I am writing to say thank you to all the people who replied to my question, there were so many I can't respond to you all. So many were exactly as I feel, clumsy, dizzy, misjudging things etc., My GP says not thyroid. but can't give an explanation other than it is because I am getting old. True I am nearly 76 but I don't believe this is the cause, as I have most of the symptoms of hypo T.. I feel as if I have been written off by the medics. He won't do any of the tests I have read about which could give an alternate reason for balance probs. Am considering making a complaint to NHS but that is a daunting problem. Have seen other docs in the practice all saying much the same.Thank you all again. Siskin

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Oh this all makes me so mad!! And sad :-(

From memory, you had taken thyroxine for a little while, hadn't you? Did it make you feel better? Wasn't your TSH up into the 5s?

Could you afford to get a private test done and self medicate? I know it's not fair that you should, but to write you off because of your age is cruel! I know 76 year olds who can walk me off my feet and drink me under the table!

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It makes me mad too - and sad. :( You clearly do have thyroid problems looking at your results. The other day, you posted these (hope you don't mind me reproducing them here):

Ranges :- TSH (0.35 – 3.50) mIU/L FT4..(8-21) pmol/L FT3 (3.8-6.0) pmol/L

Blood test results over last two years.

July 2010....TSH 3.19 FT4 18 FT3 not tested

May 2011 TSH 2.61 FT4 19 FT3 2.6

Jan. 20012- TSH 2.69 FT4 18 FT3 3.9

Feb 2012 TSH 4.75 FT4 19 FT3 Not tested.

April 2012 TSH 5.33 FT4 20 FT3 Not tested.

Results in June on thyroxine just TSH 0.48 and 0.51.

It seems your doctor only looked at FT4 and TSH (a common problem). But your FT3 (when tested) was at the bottom of the range - and *below* the range. Your T4 simply isn't converting well to T3, the active form of thyroid hormone - no wonder you feel unwell. How did you feel when you were taking the Levo?


If you have balance problems the doctor really must test your B12/folate, deficiency is very common in thyroid disease and in the over 60s age group (due to achlorhydria - low stomach acid). Tick off the symptoms that apply to you and take to your GP:


I was very dizzy and suffered severe balance problems prior to being diagnosed; in fact I had all sorts of tests but nothing showed up. It has improved a lot since I have been on thyroid meds, but I still won't go into a supermarket without a trolley to hold onto.

Please do keep on at them; I don't know why so many doctors seem reluctant to test for and diagnose thyroid problems.


I am glad you asked that question siskin. I try to walk for an hour in the mornings, had to stop because I was too giddy and since I have been on thyroid and b12 meds I am able to walk again but the last couple of days have had trouble with my balance, seem to be staggering all over the place. I have to see my Doc again in two weeks and think I will ask him to test my B12 again as I think I might need more. I think it is awful that your GP has put your symptoms down to "getting old" . That is nonsense. Hope that you are able to find someone to treat you properly!


Have you had adrenals checked I'm having problems with low cortisol and one of my symptoms is very dizzy

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