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Dr Hertoghe

This was sent to me tonight by Dr Hertoghe



“Hypothyroidism is a worldwide epidemic. Proofs of the very high frequency of hypothyroidism comes now from various researches published by traditional academic professors. Their studies show patients with thyroid hormone levels within the reference range to have higher risks of disease and even mortality”. Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

In order to celebrate the International Thyroid Day, please find enclosed a very special presentation on thyroid. The slides shows some of the serum TSH levels within the reference range at which thyroid failure is highly suggested, because at those levels an increased risk of pathology has been reported. It also shows the narrow zone of TSH within the reference range, where there is a chance for a patient to be euthyroid. The same is true for measurements of free T3, free 4, presence of thyroid antibodies, suggesting that only a small percentage of people are euthyroid without treatment, the rest being mainly hypothyroid to some degree.

Dr. Hertoghe really wants to make this week an exceptional event, follow our Facebook page and find out, throughout the entire week, more fascinating information on thyroid!

I hope this info helps

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Thanks for posting, Gismo333.


You're more than welcome there are more links in the email. If you mail me lynthip@aol.com I will forward his mail to you


Hi. Where are the slides please? In addition, has anyone on here been treated by Dr Hertoghe? I am thinking of visiting his clinic. Thanks.


Hi I can email you the email he sent me and they are on that but they won't copy on here.

Yes I have been going to his clinic for years. I used to see him but he is always so busy I go to one of his doctors Dr Lehmitte. She is very good, however, as I have said before you have to determine what thyroid hormone you take and be open minded. NDT is not for everyone, some do very well for a while but the amount of T4 in it to T3 is not good for all, definitely not myself. I have to take a higher ratio of T3 to T4 as I just can't convert properly.

If you email me on lynthip@aol.com I will forward his email to you.


Hi Gismo333,

I would also appreciate receiving Dr Herthoge's email. I've sent you an email with the request.

Many thanks.


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